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Product Review Spotlight – Temperature Regulating Comforter

It’s officially summertime! Although the weather is great for outdoor activities, sleeping in the summer months can get uncomfortably hot. Avoid night sweats and get uninterrupted sleep with our top-rated Temperature Regulating Comforters. Special panels transport excess heat and humidity away from you while you sleep, even with a duvet cover. Plus, all of our synthetic and down Temperature Regulating Comforters are on sale right now! Our customer from Memphis, Tennessee says it’s “perfect.” See her review below.

Temperature Regulating Comforter

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  1. Hi, I had a mattress pad cover that started to shred and so I contacted Cuddledown for a replacement. They sent me a replacement but unfortunately the replacement started to shred in the same areas. Cuddledown sent me a return authorization for my order. After contacting them numerous times to request a refund for the cover I received only a partial refund. I contacted Cuddledown again and was told they could not find my order. I provided them the order number (that they provided to me before) and they never responded. Just an FYI…..

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