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Your Short Guide to Sheeting Fabrics


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between sateen sheets and percale sheets?

Or why some people claim they only sleep on voile in the summer and flannel in the winter?

With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down what type of sheets are best suited for your sleeping preference and weather changes.

Luckily, we’re here to help! From percale to sateen, batiste and voile, we’ll help you pick the perfect sheets, no matter what your preference or season.



As winter comes to a close, let’s start out with this cold-weather classic.

Known for its insulating warmth and typical accompanying plaid pattern, flannel has been a staple fabric in American apparel and bedding for more than a century.

Uniquely combed on both sides for extra softness and warmth, there’s nothing quite like it when it comes to staying cozy in the fall and winter months. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm at night, flannel sheets are a no-brainer.

For an even more in depth look at the history of flannel, check out our history lesson!


On the other end of the spectrum, let’s take a look at a fabric that is designed for warmer temperatures. Cool, crisp and lightweight, percale is the perfect sheet for almost any occasion.

In fact, depending on where you live, percale just might be the ideal sheet for you and your family year-round.

Made from a simple basket-weave, this fabric is known for its versatility, and is often found in hotels and other similar establishments.


Silky, soft, and sumptuous are the best words to describe our next fabric.

Known for its luxuriously smooth feel and texture, sateen is woven more times than percale for an elegant, lustrous look that is also ideal for year round use.

Not to mention most sateen is wrinkle-resistant by design, making cleaning and folding a breeze!


voileVoile & Batiste

Lighter than any other fabric typically used for bedding, voile makes the perfect summertime sheeting for your room.

Typically made from 100% cotton, this lightweight ultra-sheer fabric is known for its superior breath-ability, allowing those in warmer climates to sleep throughout the night without overheating. And while it may be lightweight, it’s also durable as well!

Also known for its lightweight, breathable characteristics, batiste is another fantastic choice for those living in a warmer climate or tend to have a higher body heat while sleeping.

Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with either of these options when you’re sleeping in a warmer climate!

For additional information on how to choose the right fabric for any time of year, be sure to check out our Cuddledown Resource Center!

How to create a cozy guest bedroom


guestroom-1As the leaves begin to change, and the holidays steadily approach, our homes are often opened to friends and family visiting from afar. And what better way to welcome loved ones into the warmth of your home, than with a guest room that is equally stylish and cozy?

To help design the perfect space for your guests, we’ve outlined a plan to create a warm and inviting room from the top down. Check it out!


“Home away from home”

If there’s one thing that’s most important above all else when decorating your guest room, it’s to capture that “home away from home” feeling that’s going to keep your guests both comfortable and cozy during their stay.

To help achieve this, you’re going to need a bed that is both snug and stylish. And what better place to start than with a comforter?

Start off by picking something lightweight and warm, that way your guests will fall asleep soundly and stay cozy throughout the night. For an introductory comforter that is great during the colder months, our 600 Fill Power Sateen Colored Down Comforter will do just the trick.

Incorporate cozy materials and inviting patterns

flannelNothing says Fall quite like flannel, and rightfully so. As the weather begins to drop, your guests are going to need that extra warmth to keep them cozy throughout the night.

Try our Lachlan Plaid Flannel Bedding!

The soft texture of flannel will keep your guests snug, and the plaid color is the perfect accompaniment for the changing scenery outside.

A great pillow goes a long way

You’ve got a long day ahead of you, so your guests are going to need to be in their best shape when they wake up the next morning.

Whether you’re going apple picking, or opening gifts, a good night’s rest is crucial to maintaining energy throughout the day, and nothing affects the quality of one’s sleep more than a pillow.

To help make sure your guests aren’t tossing and turning, choose a pillow that is stuffed with comfortable fluffy down, yet supportive enough to maintain the head and spine, such as our 600 Fill Power White Goose Down Damask Stripe Pillow.

It’s all in the details

serving-traySo you’ve got your bed set up, what next? When designing a guest room, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and that sentiment especially rings true when it comes to your guests overall hospitality.

Supplying items like toiletries, water and other refreshments are crucial to making your guest comfortable, and just the thing they’ll never forget when they talk about their time with friends and family.

For added convenience, try adding a tray and ice bucket, such as our Leopard Ice Bucket and Tray to keep drinks cold and ready to serve.

 Creating a cozy, memorable guest room is a wonderful way to show appreciation to your most valued visitors.

What are the best items you’ve seen in a guest room? Leave us a note in the comments and share.

Pillow Talk: Staff Pillow Favorites

Choosing the right pillow can be one of the most important decisions you make for a better night’s sleep. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in the middle of the night, trying to get comfortable, only to wake up with a sore neck the next day. To help cut down on the guess-work of pillow shopping, we collected some candid testimonials from our staff here at Cuddledown about what features they look for in their own personal pillows. From softness and support, to firmness and fill, our staff breaks down which pillows work best for them, and hopefully you as well.



Norma Wilkins-Gross (President)

My favorite pillow is the 700 Fill Power White Duck Down Double Contour Pillow. I am a side sleeper and a pillow hugger, therefore I have a tendency to sleep with my pillow in a vertical position. The double contour configuration allows me to have the support under my head but still hug my pillow when sleeping. I’ve never slept better.



Deb Dyer (CEO Marketing)

My favorite is the 450 TC Sateen Synthetic Fill Pillow. I love how the overfilled keep their supportive shape, night after night. I’m mostly a side-sleeper and like the neck support. I’ve given several to family members over the years and they also love them!



Eric Cross (Sales Administrator, Royal River Trading)

800 Fill Power European White Goose Down Sateen Pillow Firm. I love a firmer pillow and this pillow gives me that firmness but is also very soft with the high quality goose down fill.



Katrina Crowell (Copywriter)

I like the 700 Fill Power White Duck Down Gusseted Pillow. This pillow is so soft, and at the same time, it offers solid support. I pretty much can only sleep with this pillow now. I’m lost if I forget it while traveling overnight :).


jkruzelJessica Kruzel (Web Graphic Designer)

The 700 Fill Power Contour Cradle Gusseted Down Pillow is my favorite because it provides the perfect amount of comfort and support. As a side sleeper I prefer a pillow that won’t sink throughout the night, allowing my head to stay in alignment with my back. I wake up feeling relaxed and rested.


kbuthyKerry Buthy (Sales Associate, Royal River Trading)

I personally love the 600 Fill Power White Duck Down Chamber Pillow! You get the softness of down and the support of the 95/5% core!



jroodeJohn Roode (Assistant Manufacturing Manager)

Sateen King Medium. Absolutely! I like my pillow big and firm. I don’t even care what fill is in them, these are the only pillows allowed on my bed (unless my wife says otherwise).


biontaBetsy Ionta (Inventory Manager)

My favorite pillow is the 800 Fill Power Batiste in Queen Soft fill- but I like two :). Pillow snob!



avintinnerAmy Vintinner (Ecommerce Manager)

I like 1 Quilted Pillow Protector and 2 Stomach 700 Fill Power. I’ll double up the pillows for added support and soft cradling around my head, along with the pillow protector for added protection.


jgouldingJoan Goulding (Reconditioning Specialist)

My favorite Cuddledown pillow is the Down Luxury Support Pillow Queen, medium weight because the latex neck support roll fits good under your neck and you can move the down in the chambers.


Freeport Retail Store Employees

Laura P: I like the Gusseted Overfill Synthetic Pillow because it’s as firm as using 2 pillows.

Phil K: I like the 50/50 blend in soft because I can fold it and mold it how I want with just enough support.

Chester L: the 50/50 medium- it gives support but is also soft.

Mary H: 700 Fill Power European White Goose Down Sateen Pillow because I sleep on my back and like a soft pillow.

Jenny M: the Synthetic Fill Gusseted Sateen Pillow. It’s really soft and squishy but has enough to it to sleep comfortably.

Ginny L: 450 Thread Count Sateen Synthetic Fill Pillow. I sleep on my back and it’s very comfortable, my whole family uses this pillow.

For even more information on how to pick the pillow that is right for you, be sure to check out our pillow picker article!

Manufacturing Stories: Making Pillows with John Roode

manu6W11In honor of our annual Fall pillow sale, we’ve decided to give our readers an insider perspective on how our pillows are made. And if there’s one person who knows the in’s and out’s of the process better than anyone else, it’s Assistant Manufacturing Manager, John Roode.

Roode, who has been with Cuddledown for over 10 years, currently helps oversee all of the day-to-day operations in manufacturing, making sure each and every pillow is up to our standard of excellence.

Check out our interview below:

How long have you been working at Cuddledown? Where did you start?

I have been at Cuddledown for 10 years now – three months as a temporary employee, then the rest with the company. I was brought in through a staffing agency to package comforters for a large hotel order. I must have been pretty good at packaging because they never got rid of me!

Briefly describe your current role at Cuddledown. What do you enjoy most about your position? What makes you most proud?

My role at Cuddledown is to oversee the daily operation of the manufacturing facility. Essentially, that means I put a daily plan together based on sales, then I run around and make sure the team has everything they need to be successful.

In my spare time I explore ways to help us improve our current processes, as well as looking at how to expand the manufacturing department.

I enjoy working with the great team that I work with in manufacturing. I like being able to help develop their skills as machine operators, but more importantly as thinkers and leaders. In return, they provide me with the same developmental opportunities, so we are growing together.

I also like that we are able to make significant cultural and measurable changes within our department. It’s always nice to live the results of hard work and innovative thinking.

I guess what makes me most proud is when we give a tour, and all the positive feedback is directed at how engaged and knowledgeable our team is. I feel our team is the absolute best at what they do, and I really like when they are recognized for it.

During our Manufacturing Day 2015 tours to hear the kids say that, “this was the best field trip ever” was incredibly rewarding for me personally.

Manuf.BjohnF08Briefly talk about the pillow-making process at Cuddledown. What are the basic steps that a pillow goes through from beginning to end before it reaches customers?

We have a machine that consists of scales and filling pipes being fed by silos. Each silo could contain any one of 15 fill types we use on a daily basis. One of our operators will program the machine to fill up to the desired pillow weight.

When our operator is ready they start the machine, and the scales will draw fill from the selected silo. Once the scales have reached the desired volume they will discontinue filling.

At this time our operator will pull a pillow shell over one of the filling pipes and activate the pipe. The entire contents of the scale will then empty into the pillow shell. Our operator will then sew closed the pillow along with all of the necessary labels.

After a standard quality check the pillow will be packaged up, to be shipped to our DC (distribution center).

What can customers expect from a Cuddledown pillow that is different from other store bought pillows?

The quality of the material will immediately stand out, from the feel of the shell to the spring of the down.

Additionally, what they are holding is handmade right here in Maine, and that’s awesome.

You’re not getting that with the other guys.

What motivates you working at Cuddledown?

The responsibility I have to our team, and frankly to our customer. Our customer wants and deserves the highest quality bedding, and our team wants to build the highest quality product as fast as they can. It’s up to me to provide the tools that helps everyone get what they want.

Is there a particularly memorable donation of pillows that Cuddledown has been a part of? What did that mean to you?

There are two that really stick out for me. One was less of a donation and more of a gift.

The first was when we were able to make pillows for the Travis Mills Foundation. Travis was injured serving our country, and is now working on building a place in Maine where wounded veterans can go and do all sorts of wonderful things.

Almost everyone knows someone who has made the sacrifice to serve our country, and to be a part of this project where we were able to actually do something in return was incredible. Meeting Travis was one of the highlights of my life so far, he’s truly a hero and an amazing person.

The second was when we invited students from local high schools to tour our facility to celebrate Manufacturing Day.

I was giving the kids an overview of the pillow filling machine, and one of the kids asked if he could have a pillow. Little did they know making a pillow for themselves was actually on the tour agenda. I told the young man, “if you make it you can have it,” and the entire group lit up with excitement. It was great. Each one of them worked with our incredible operators and made their own pillow.

ZManu4_Z157What’s a special memory about a pillow order or product type?

I was recently working the company’s annual tent sale and I had a woman ask me about our neck support pillows. I told her I never have personally used one, I prefer regular pillows. I explained the concept of the pillow, and she purchased one.

She came back the next day with two friends and told me it was the absolute best sleep she’s ever had – so much so that she purchased additional support pillows, and actually sold her friends on the pillow. I bought one at the employee store – she was right, it’s a great pillow.

Any recommendations for someone trying out a Cuddledown pillow for the first time? What are some of our most popular pillows?

Recommendations? You can’t miss. Everything we make is the best hands down. We make a ton of sateen synthetic and 800 Fill Power pillows. Sateen is such a nice fabric. That would actually be my recommendation.

Do you have a particular favorite fill pillow and why?

Sateen king medium. Absolutely! I like my pillow big and firm. I don’t even care what fill is in them, these are the only pillows allowed on my bed (unless my wife says otherwise).

We would like to thank John for providing such interesting insight on the hard work and passion that goes into handcrafting our pillows.

What is your favorite Cuddledown pillow? Share your thoughts in the comments!

How Surplus Fabric became School Uniforms

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

13391500_1060673650678943_2670604103637763545_oWe recently had the opportunity to donate fabric from our Seersucker bedskirts/bedspreads to a wonderful Maine-based organization doing incredible global work, called Partners for World Health (PWH).

Not only does PWH collect and redistribute surplus medical supplies to hospitals in countries in need, they also organize several Medical Missions trips each year, bringing much needed volunteer health workers to hospitals across Africa and Southeast Asia.

Partners for World Health_ seersucker donationWhen we learned of this incredible program, we were immediately inspired to get involved.

At the time, we had a surplus of fabric from our line of luxury Seersucker bedskirts/bedspreads.

We weren’t sure how this fabric could be used: sewing materials, as a means for women to earn money? Bedding for hospital beds or incubators?  Though the exact usage was to be determined, the possibilities were many. And we were so happy to give in any way we could.

PWH Image 2We were overjoyed to hear of how this fabric was ultimately used.

PWH passed the fabric along to another incredible group called Dress a Girl around the World (the Southern Maine chapter), who then used it to create school uniforms for children in rural Uganda.

With our donation, 150 girls in Uganda will have the uniforms necessary for attending school. Our fabric was also used to create 100 pairs of shorts for boys, as part of their school uniforms as well.

We’re thrilled to see our donated fabric being put to such an amazing use, and we look forward to working with Partners for World Health whenever we can.

We encourage you to check out both organizations to learn more about the great work they’re doing and how you can get involved:

Luxury Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones. Show them how much you care with a gift that is both thoughtful and useful. Our carefully curated collection of luxury gifts exemplifies quality and comfort- a gift they will truly appreciate. For even more ideas, check out our complete Holiday Gift Guide. And if you’re not quite sure what they’ll love, you can still give the gift of luxury and comfort with a Cuddledown gift certificate.

1,000 Fill Power European Goose Down Batiste Comforter

The weightless warmth of this comforter makes it the ultimate luxury gift. Our customer from Georgia says, “I have wasted a lot of money on other cheaper items. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, just invest in Cuddledown and you won’t have any regrets… It’s a lifetime purchase.”

1,000 Fill Power Batiste

Cashmere Robe & Slippers

Finely knit from the highest quality 100% Mongolian cashmere, our exceptionally soft robe is the embodiment of pure luxury. The matching slippers are finished with a silky satin trim and have soft, supple suede soles. The pair makes a perfect gift for the special woman in your life.

Cashmere Robe and Slippers

Silk Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

This fine bedding blends the light, cool feel of silk with breathable combed cotton sateen to give a sleep experience like no other. Give the gift of ultimate luxury sheeting.

Silk Cotton Sheets


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