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Get your best sleep using these sleep tips!

March 13, 2024 by

Over the next week, organizations across the country will celebrate Sleep Week, an annual event that highlights the connection between sleep and one’s overall health. In honor of this yearly educational occurrence, we gathered a list of tips and tricks to help you, or someone you know, achieve a better night’s sleep.

Top 5 tips for sleeping better:

Sleepy blonde model hugging a pillow while laying in a bed of white pillows
  1. Bedding is key: The National Sleep Foundation suggests sleeping on bedding that not only feels good but assists in temperature regulation while you sleep. Bedding such as batiste or Italian voile are two examples of sheeting that wicks moisture and promotes breathability.
  2. Keep a sleep schedule: The CDC recommends that you go to bed each night and rise in the morning at the same time. It is suggested that you also do this on weekends to maintain your sleep routine.
  3. Your perfect environment: Your room should promote peaceful sleep by eliminating light, and disruptive noise, and keeping the temperature low as suggested by the Mayo Clinic. Incorporating a fan for white noise or blackout curtains to block light are two easy ways to enhance your sleep environment.
  4. Watch what you consume: Avoid consumption of alcohol before bed as it prevents you from falling into the deeper stages of sleep. It is further recommended by CNN Health that you shouldn’t be eating spicy or big meals that could cause disruptions to your digestive system. Lastly, avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages after noon.
  5. Avoid tossing and turning: We all have found ourselves waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to fall back asleep. One suggestion is after 15 minutes if you have not fallen back asleep, then get out of bed and do some calming activities like yoga, meditation, or reading a book, and once you feel tired again go back to bed.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and with this list, better sleep is just a few tips away.

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