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How to sleep better in the summer

May 26, 2016 by
700 Fill Power Temperature Regulating Down Comforter

Sunny days, outdoor adventures, and beach/poolside relaxing are just a few of the many joys of summer.

Yet, there is one aspect of summer that falls on the “not so pleasant” side of the joy spectrum: hot, humid, sticky summer nights.

700 Fill Power Temperature Regulating Down ComforterWith heightened temperatures and downright oppressive humidity, falling asleep and staying asleep during the summer months can be challenging.

Read on to discover how to beat the heat of hot summer nights and get a great night’s sleep.


You can add better sleep to the ever growing list of benefits of exercising.

According to CNN Health, getting exercise during your day can help you sleep better at night. Just make sure to avoid exercising too close to bedtime, as doing so can sabotage your good night’s sleep.

Aim for fitting at least 30 minutes of exercise into your day, with three hours before bedtime being a “no exercise” zone.

Turn your bedroom into a cool, cozy haven

600 Fill Power White Duck Down ComforterOutfit your bed in crisp percale sheets and 100% cotton pillowcases – known for both softness and breathability. You’ll be on your way to a sleep that’s both cool and luxurious.

Top off your bed with a light, summer weight down comforter or airy blanket, and stick to cool, breathable fabric such as cotton and linen.

Batiste and Voile are also great fabric choices for summer, as they both are lightweight and extremely comfortable for warm summer nights.

No central A/C in your home? Help keep your bedroom cool with a fan or air conditioning unit.

Experiment with fan cooling techniques such as cross breeze creation, where you place fans in a manner that creates a “cross breeze” that flows through your bedroom.

Set a new curfew…for screen time and caffeine

To set yourself up for a great night’s sleep, skip coffee or other caffeinated drinks six hours before bedtime, and shut down your Smartphone, tablet, or television at least half an hour before you hit the sack.

Studies indicate that drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks within 6 hours of bedtime can have a negative impact on how well you sleep.

When it comes to electronics, the blue light spectrum emitted by smartphones, tablets, and television can interrupt your sleep throughout the night – and also make it more difficult to fall asleep in the first place.

For summer sleep success, avoid caffeine and electronics as your bedtime nears.

Wear the right pajamas

Lightweight, breathable pima cotton nightgownPajamas can make or break a comfy night’s sleep in any weather. The general rule of thumb to remember: When it comes to summer pjs, it’s all about loose fit and breathable materials.

Look for loose fitting, lightweight cotton or linen pajamas for your summer slumber attire. Pima cotton nightgowns are an excellent choice for summer sleeping, because pima cotton is extra-soft and extremely lightweight.

For those who prefer pajamas to nightgowns: Sleeveless, sheer cotton capri pjs are a great choice for staying cool and cozy on warm summer nights.

To boost the comfy factor, consider adding a spa mask, that is able to be frozen, to your pajama wear. This can help you cool down on extra hot summer nights.

Invest in smart bedding

Cooling Pillows, pillows for neck pain, pillows for back pain and moreOne definite perk of the 21st century is the availability of clever technology to solve life’s problems. Like many past inconveniences, getting a great night’s sleep during hot summer nights is a problem technology can now solve!

Consider investing in smart bedding solutions such as Temperature Regulating Comforters and Pillows that actually adjust to your ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Our Temperature Regulating Comforters use hi-tech mesh fabric to transport excess warmth away from your body, which prevents perspiration and brings your sleeping temperature back to a comfortable range.

Similarly, our Temperature Regulating Pillows use hi-tech ventilated fabric to transport excess warmth away from you as you sleep. As you change positions during the night, the ventilation feature is enhanced, which creates an increased airflow that keeps you at a comfortable temperature.

Round out your smart summer bedding with our Outlast Temperature Regulating sheets and you’ll be on your way to a blissful summertime sleep.

Block unwanted light out

Keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day to block out hot rays from the sun. Use thick curtains or blinds to maximize the light blocking properties. Blinds and curtains can be opened during the morning hours to help wake up your day.

As previously mentioned, shut off electronics like smartphones and TV at least half an hour before bed, so the lights from these devices won’t throw off your sleep quality.

If your room still let’s a lot of light in during sleeping hours, consider purchasing a sleep mask or eye mask to further block out the light.

Getting great sleep on hot summer nights can be a challenge. Try the tips discussed above to beat the heat, and make this the summer of your best sleep yet.

Do you have additional tips for sleeping well during summer? We invite you to share your best summer sleep tips in the comments!

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    Turn off the T.V. before trying to go to sleep. If you are one of those who has to have the T.V. on, set the timer on it so it can shut off automatically.

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