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Blizzard Nemo of 2013 – how to stay warm and cozy

February 8, 2013 by
Blizzard of 1969
Blizzard of 1969

Blizzard of 1969

Here in Maine, while hunkering down waiting to see just how much snow this blizzard will bring, we thought we’d take a look back since it’s “Flashback Friday”!

Over recent decades, we can count the number of times we’ve had over 2 feet of snow in a single storm on one hand. The famous blizzard of 1978 that buried parts of New England with up to 4 feet of snow only resulted in around a foot of snow in Maine. However, the following year, in January 1979, Portland ended up with around 27 inches of snow. Ten years prior to that, in February of 1969 a snowstorm lasted for nearly 100 hours, resulting 27 inches in the city.

The current storm, oddly named “Nemo” by the Weather Channel, has had forecasts of anything from 18″ to as much as 30″ of snow, with most experts predicting around 20″ of the white stuff.  We’ll have to wait and see if we hit the magic 2 foot level!  In the meantime, like most of New England, we’ve battened down the hatches and are holed up in our homes staying safe and warm.

Down Comforter from CuddledownAt Cuddledown, we’re particularly lucky as our employees get special discounts, so virtually everyone has at least one, if not several cozy Cuddledown comforters to snuggle under. And for everyone else, while stuck indoors, you can go online and shop our heavenly warm down or synthetic comforters, which are on sale until Monday!

We hope that everyone stays safe, warm and cozy!



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