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Free Your Toes! …Espadrilles, the hot trend of summer 2011!

June 2, 2011 by
Cuddledown Red Espadrille
Cuddledown Red Espadrille

Cuddledown's Red Vida Espadrille

Summer has now reached the entire country and our toes rejoice!  Why you may ask, are our toes so happy?  Because, of course, they are now able to be freed from their leathery shoe prisons and enjoy pedicures and polish!  And what better way to celebrate their freedom than in a comfy pair of Espadrilles, summer of 2011’s hot trend!

Not normally known for being a “hot” fashion item, this summer, from flirty, sexy and toe-revealing to charming and comfy cotton classics, Espadrilles are seemingly everywhere!  A little known fact about perennial favorite Espadrilles, is that they were first invented in the late fourteenth century in the Pyrenees mountain region of Spain known as Catalonia. The word Espadrille derives from the local wild grass called Esparto, which was woven into the shape of a sole (with a rubber or even wooden heel sometimes added) and stitched to an

Cuddledown's Petit Floral Espadrille

Cuddledown's Petit Floral Espadrille

upper made of cotton or hemp canvas. The shoes’ comfort and durability made them popular in ancient times for workers, and apparently even the King of Aragon’s foot soldiers!

Eventually Espadrilles became famous worldwide for their versatility and casual simplicity, so perfect for warm weather wear. And for those ancient Spaniards, our toes are muy grateful!

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