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Maine’s Baxter State Park turns 50!

Baxter State Park by sskennel, on flickr

Baxter State Park by sskennel, on flickr

Maine’s Baxter State Park celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this month, an event that was commemorated this week with parties all over the state. Established by former governor Percival Baxter, the park is comprised of 28 parcels of protected, undeveloped land spanning over 205,000 acres. Baxter began creating the park after leaving office, purchasing his first parcel of land to be preserved in 1930. Over the next 32 years, he negotiated with private landowners and businesses in order to add to the park, finally purchasing his final plot of land in 1962.

Today, Baxter State Park is visited by roughly 60,000 people during the summer months. In addition to containing Maine’s tallest peak, Mount Katahdin, the park is home to more than 40 smaller mountains, plus flat hiking trails, roadside campgrounds, and backcountry campsites. If you’re planning to visit Maine and want to experience outdoor beauty in a breathtaking setting, Baxter State Park is an ideal destination (in fact, it’s one of our favorite places).

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  1. This stirs up some warm childhood memories of camping and fishing in Baxter State Park on Nesowadnehunk Lake, looking up at the great Mt. Katahdin. Ahhhmemories.

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