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How to freshen up your decor in a snap!

November 30, 2011 by
curtain by Nick J Webb

As we’re now in the thick of the holiday season (hooray!), we’re starting to think about ways to put a fresh, festive spin on our home decor. In looking for simple solutions, we found a way to change the look of a room in less time than it takes to string up lights! For a quick and stylish fix, why not swap out your curtains?

curtain by ralphunden

curtain by ralphunden, on flickr

Though they’re sometimes overlooked, curtains really do add quite a bit of personality to a room. Looking to brighten up a small or dark space? Colorful curtains like the ones below are sure to perk it right up.

moving colored curtains by independentman

moving colored curtains by independentman, on flickr

If you’re a fan of natural light, sheer or lightweight curtains that let in the sunlight are an ideal choice.

curtains by stvcr

curtains by stvcr, on flickr

Or, if you prefer a nice, dark room for sleeping, why not try heavier curtains? Light blocking, energy efficient curtains are great for creating a perfectly cozy sleeping environment, plus, they can help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

curtain by Nick J Webb

curtain by Nick J Webb, on flickr

Tell us, do you rotate your curtains?

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