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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a siesta!

Not surprisingly, we’re big fans of napping and wouldn’t mind a good afternoon snooze every so often (or daily!). But, are siestas actually healthy? Although some feel that naps are only necessary for children and the elderly, recent research indicates that just about all of us can benefit from midday shuteye.

Large straw sombrero by Horia Varlan, on Flickr

Large straw sombrero by Horia Varlan, on Flickr

Studies at the University of California, Berkeley found that sleep may increase your ability to learn, while other studies suggest that napping offers cardiovascular benefits.

Office workers in the UK love the idea of afternoon naps so much that nearly half would forgo lunch in favor of a siesta. They’re not alone – Winston Churchill was known for napping daily, and even had custom earplugs crafted so that he could sleep undisturbed!

So, before your Cinco de Mayo festivities, why not try an energy-boosting power nap? Happy snoozing!


Tell us, are you a fan of the afternoon nap? We’d love to hear from you!

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