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Great Green Ideas from our Twitter Party with Practically Green!

March 8, 2012 by
Green Leaf by, on Flickr

We a fantastic time with Practically Green and friends at our Twitter party last week! It was such a dynamic, exciting event, and we loved being part of the fun. Thank you to everyone who joined us, including our special guests Mad Gab’s, FetchDog, Lori Bitter, and Ramblers Way, just to name a few! For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here’s a small sampling of our favorite tweets. Believe us, it was not easy to pick favorites – there were so many great ideas!

Green Leaf by, on Flickr

Green Leaf by, on Flickr

Question 1: Describe your favorite eco-friendly possession: what it is, why you love it.

Bretta: I enjoy “up-cycling” items that have “lived their life” and making something fab from them…so fun!

Kimbo: I have an eco-friendly journal that I use, I love it because it holds my memories. 🙂

ToodiesMomma: It’s always nice to receive something your child makes you from recycled boxes and containers.


Question 2: What one thing in your life could you change to be more eco friendly?

Eileen Burke: Would love to start an herb garden this spring.

Mom4EverAndEver: I have not plugged in my dryer since moving here (over one year!).

Jen: I would like to be more aware of the clothing I am wearing and choose those made of eco-friendly fabrics!


Question 3: My favorite way to save energy is ____________

Sandra Gassner: [Using] the Cuddledown Primary Down Comforter. [It] has been a favorite in our house for years. You can find one on most beds in our house!

Alison Abbott: I wear a down vest to save energy during the day.

Lori Sullivan: Cold water for washing all clothes around here. Stopped warm/hot water a year ago and haven’t missed it.

Question 4: What’s your favorite green cleaning tip?

Peggy Armijo: I use lemon in my microwave and down the garbage disposal to freshen both!

Evon Cassier: Baking soda in a parmesan cheese shaker is my go to cleaner.


Question 5: I don’t mind spending extra money on ____ to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Carrie W: Cloth diapers – more up front, less money long term.

BONUS Question: What new efficient/healthy/sustainable routine are you ready to begin.. right now today!

LLLSummer: Daily walks and drink more water.

ThoseYoungMoms: I’m ready to begin composting (which will be challenging in an apartment) and riding my bike 2 work (even at 6am!).

Kimberly Pinkson: GETTING MORE SLEEP! Good night all! xo


Thanks again to everyone who made our party such a fantastic event. We hope to tweet with you all again soon!

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