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How Cuddledown celebrates Thanksgiving – by giving a comforter away!

Cuddledown Ruby Anniversary giveawayIn honor of our 40th anniversary (also known as the “Ruby Anniversary”) we thought we’d celebrate by giving away one of our luxurious comforters! Our Ruby Jacquard Scroll comforter is as cozy as it is gorgeous (and the color is perfect for the holidays)!  It’s simple – all you have to do to enter the contest is sign up for Cuddledown’s emails. And with Black Friday deals coming up – you’ll be among the first to know, so it’s a win either way !

Since it’s our 40th anniversary, we’ve been researching the 70s, and found that in 1976, in the year of our country’s bicentennial, President Gerald Ford and Congress designated the week of Thanksgiving “National Family Week.” In an article posted at the Retro Housewife, the author outlines the history of Thanksgiving, including the following:

Thanksgiving and family are two words that have become inseparably linked ever since this – rich tradition began with the pilgrims 355 years ago in December 1621. “Thanksgiving is the oldest and most truly American of our national holidays,” contended Ralph Linton,” renowned American anthropologist. “It has changed less in its intention and in the manner of its celebration than any other of our holidays, national or international. The founders of America had never heard of most of the things we now do at Christmas or Easter, but Thanksgiving is still very much what the Pilgrims made it – A giving of thanks for divine bounty coupled with a practical demonstration of that bounty.”

“Thanksgiving, even more than Christmas, is the holiday which brings scattered kindred together,” he continued, “Old family jokes and stones are shared and for a little while all hands bask in a sense of belonging to an intimate, affectionate group. They may go back to their separate homes later, but for a while they have been part of something larger than themselves.”

Following in this tradition, at Cuddledown, we’re closed on Thanksgiving (unlike many of the big box stores), so our employees (and customers) can spend the day relaxing and celebrating with their familes and friends. We’ll be enjoying the holiday with our loved ones, and wish you the same!

Show us your bed, and you could win a pillow!

Not actually my bed - here's where I stayed in Seoul, Korea!

Not actually my bed - here's where I stayed during my trip to Seoul!

It’s true! Our first-ever Instagram contest is going on now, and you could win a lofty, luxuriously soft Cuddledown pillow. To enter, simply:

1. Follow Cuddledown on Instagram (username: @cuddledown).

2. Pick one of our three contest themes – Humor, Pets, or Family – and take a picture of your bed.

3. Upload your picture to Instagram, and tag it with the hashtag #lovetocuddledown 

4. That’s all there is to it! If you don’t have a smartphone but still want to enter the contest, simply email your picture to socialmedia@cuddledown.com and include your name, email address, and home address (so we’ll know where to send your pillow if you’re selected as a winner)!

For more information on contest details and prizes, visit cuddledown.com. We can’t wait to see your photos!

“Plum Deluxe” features Cuddledown’s Ultimate Bed, PLUS win free pillows!!

10 tips for the Ultimate BedWe’re excited to be partnering with luxury blog Plum Deluxe to promote our new Ultimate Bed Collections and launching our Ultimate Bed contest on Instagram!

Go to Plum Deluxe to read our article, featuring 10 great tips for creating your ultimate bed, including everything from feng shui positioning of your bed, to “blinging” up your bed with decorative pillows, and more!

PLUS, you can win luxurious Cuddledown pillows in our Ultimate Bed contest – simply by posting an image of your bed on Instagram (or emailing us the photo), using one of three themes – humor, pets, or family. At the end of the contest (ends October 1) we’ll judge the best in each category, and best overall, for four winners!  Each winner will receive a pillow from our Ultimate Bed Collections and their image will be formatted to look like a Cuddledown catalog cover!


Cuddledown’s “Naked Pillow” catalog caption contest

Cuddledown Fall 2012 catalog cover

Caption our Cuddledown Fall 2012 catalog cover!

At Cuddledown, all of our pillows, until properly dressed with a pillowcase, are referred to internally as “naked” pillows. With our Fall 2012 catalog featuring said pillows in our Annual Pillow Sale, our creative team came up with this “out of the box” catalog cover!

Whether you find it humorous, or over the top – you have to admit, it’s memorable!

Although we wrote  our own copy, we decided it’d be fun to have our customers and fans post their own catalog cover caption on our Facebook page!

You have from now until 8:00 a.m. July 17 to post your caption. The winner with the best caption (to be determined by our panel of experts) will win a pair of Cuddledown’s premium 700 fill power down pillows!  So put your best “Mad Men” ad agency creativity to work and have fun!

We encourage the use of humor, but we will reserve the right to edit posts as necessary :)

Soothing, Sensuous Silk

India - Colours of India - Silk yarn waiting to be made into saris

India - Colours of India - Silk yarn waiting to be made into saris by mckaysavage, on flickr.

There’s a reason silk has been a favorite fabric for centuries of emperors and commoners alike – it’s all-natural, supremely soft, lightweight yet strong, and is one of the most versatile fabrics on the planet.

The Goddess of Silk, Lady Hsi-Ling-Shih, the wife of the mythical Yellow Emperor, was believed to have developed the process of unraveling the thread from the cocoon of the silk worm, and to have begun the first silk-cultivation farms in China. Artifacts associated with “sericulture” (the raising of silkworms to obtain raw silk) have been found along the Yellow River in northern China, dated to between 2600 and 2300 BC, or even earlier.

Silk quickly became a much sought after commodity as its luxury spread westward. The famed Silk Roads, trading routes that grew between the great silk producing centers in China, through Persia and India to the Mediterranean, were largely responsible for the growth of international trade and the spread of culture and knowledge.

Luxurious, yet practical

Cuddledown Silk Pillowcase by NK Home

Cuddledown Silk Pillowcases by NK Home

Silk is one of the most versatile fabrics currently in production. Silk fibers appear delicate but in fact, are considered the strongest of all natural fibers. Due to its capacity for absorbing moisture, silk is temperature regulating – cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk is used in everything from fine apparel and home furnishings to medical sutures and prosthetic arteries. It can be dyed a rainbow of deep, vibrant colors, and floats over the body with a shine and shimmer all its own. Plus silk isn’t as fussy as some would have you believe – many silk products can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle.

Silk has long been associated with the highest luxury – and it is no wonder. For sheer elegance, drape, comfort and style, there is absolutely nothing to compare with the allure of silk.

Not just a fabric for a shimmering gown on worn on the red carpet, silk pillowcases are one of the best loved beauty secrets of movie stars and models. Silk is a 100% natural fabric, is hypoallergenic and temperature regulating. Composed of sixteen different amino acids, some say silk is beneficial for the skin, helping to prevent wrinkling, and also can keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Whether that’s a scientific fact or not, it feels heavenly against your skin as you sleep!

If you’d like to learn more information about silk and other sheet types, check out our new infographic! There’s also still time to enter our contest over on our Facebook page.

Learn about the benefits of clean sheets, and win great Cuddledown prizes!

Cuddledown's advice about clean sheetsDo you keep your bed crisply starched to military specifications, or rumpled, messy and questionably clean? Or somewhere in between? Here at Cuddledown, our talented designer, Chad, created this fun-to-read infographic all about the horrors of unwashed sheets, and the sleep benefits of a fresh, clean bed. If you’re anything like some of us here, you’ll be surprised at some of the statistics!

To celebrate the wonders of clean sheets mentioned in our infographic, we’re holding
a contest on our Facebook page starting now through Tuesday, July 3 at 8:00 a.m!
Simply post your comment about our infographic and you could win one of three great prizes, some fine Cuddledown fabric washing liquid and lavender linen spray, a set of luxurious silk pillowcases, and our grand prize – a $100 gift certificate! Winners will be drawn Tuesday morning, so don’t wait – go comment now!

Cuddledown tips on why it's good to wash your sheets!And in case you were wondering — if you’ve ever seen a weather chart or an exercise diagram, or read USA Today, you’ve seen information graphics or “infographics” – a visual representation of any kind of data or information. They may include charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, maps and lists which can summarize a lot of statistical information. So go check ours out – you may find it very educational!

Join us tonight for a virtual party on Twitter, 9-10 pm EST!

green balloons by LS Lam, on Flickr

green balloons by LS Lam, on Flickr

We’re talking with Practically Green and friends tonight, June 6th, about sustainable living, easy ways to “go green”, and the small steps we can each take to make a big difference in the environment.

To join the party, simply follow @Cuddledown or @PracticallyGrn, and use the hashtag #OneSmallAct after your tweets. That’s all there is to it!

Several special guests (and perhaps a few celebrities!) will be there, too; check out the full list over at Practically Green. Plus, we’ll be giving away a set of Bamboo Towels – so stay tuned!

For more info, follow @cuddledown on Twitter – and we hope to virtually “see” you there!

Celebrating Earth Day with free shipping on eco-friendly products!

Tree Swing, by Otto Phokus, on Flickr

Tree Swing, by Otto Phokus, on Flickr

Happy Earth Day! Whether you’re celebrating by using reusable grocery bags at the store or planting a tree in your backyard, Earth Day is a great chance for us all to give back and be eco-friendly.

To celebrate, we’re giving away four of our luxurious, extra absorbent bamboo towels! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us what you’re doing to celebrate Earth Day. Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 23.

We’re also offering free shipping on all orders containing organic, eco-friendly, and certified safe products! Simply click the link to access the promotion.

Did the bunny deliver? If not, pummel him with a pillow!

Easter Bunny Pillow FIght

Easter Bunny Pillow FIght

We know Easter isn’t all about the chocolate, but try telling that to a three-year-old!  In celebration of the child in us all, as well as International Pillow Fight Day, we’re giving away four fine Cuddledown pillows!

Simply visit our Facebook page and comment on the images we’re posting.  Winners will be drawn Tuesday April 10th!

And if you’re worried that the odds aren’t in your favor for winning a free pillow, you can still experience the joy of a brand new pillow!  All of our Cuddledown pillows are 25% off through Monday, April 9!  Click the link to save!

Purchase your “weapon”… for International Pillow Fight Day – now 25% off!

International Pillow Fight DayHave you ever wanted to just grab a pillow and wallop somebody – perhaps your irritating little sister, or co-worker, an annoying celebrity, or even the Easter Bunny who didn’t deliver the chocolate?? Not that we advocate violence, but pillow fights can be fun!  Especially with a soft, fluffy pillow from Cuddledown!

This Saturday, April 7, is International Pillow Fight Day! To celebrate, starting today through Monday, April 9, all Cuddledown pillows are 25% off!  So purchase a brand new pillow, and free up your old one to use for some proper pillow punishment!

Angelina's leg - being walloped by a pillow!

Annoying celebrity being walloped by a pillow!

Also, go check out our Facebook page for the potential to win a Cuddledown pillow simply by commenting on images we’ll be posting today and over the next three days!

Let the games begin!!

Great Green Ideas from our Twitter Party with Practically Green!

We a fantastic time with Practically Green and friends at our Twitter party last week! It was such a dynamic, exciting event, and we loved being part of the fun. Thank you to everyone who joined us, including our special guests Mad Gab’s, FetchDog, Lori Bitter, and Ramblers Way, just to name a few! For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here’s a small sampling of our favorite tweets. Believe us, it was not easy to pick favorites – there were so many great ideas!

Green Leaf by Epsos.de, on Flickr

Green Leaf by Epsos.de, on Flickr

Question 1: Describe your favorite eco-friendly possession: what it is, why you love it.

Bretta: I enjoy “up-cycling” items that have “lived their life” and making something fab from them…so fun!

Kimbo: I have an eco-friendly journal that I use, I love it because it holds my memories. :)

ToodiesMomma: It’s always nice to receive something your child makes you from recycled boxes and containers.


Question 2: What one thing in your life could you change to be more eco friendly?

Eileen Burke: Would love to start an herb garden this spring.

Mom4EverAndEver: I have not plugged in my dryer since moving here (over one year!).

Jen: I would like to be more aware of the clothing I am wearing and choose those made of eco-friendly fabrics!


Question 3: My favorite way to save energy is ____________

Sandra Gassner: [Using] the Cuddledown Primary Down Comforter. [It] has been a favorite in our house for years. You can find one on most beds in our house!

Alison Abbott: I wear a down vest to save energy during the day.

Lori Sullivan: Cold water for washing all clothes around here. Stopped warm/hot water a year ago and haven’t missed it.

Question 4: What’s your favorite green cleaning tip?

Peggy Armijo: I use lemon in my microwave and down the garbage disposal to freshen both!

Evon Cassier: Baking soda in a parmesan cheese shaker is my go to cleaner.


Question 5: I don’t mind spending extra money on ____ to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dr. Carrie W: Cloth diapers – more up front, less money long term.

BONUS Question: What new efficient/healthy/sustainable routine are you ready to begin.. right now today!

LLLSummer: Daily walks and drink more water.

ThoseYoungMoms: I’m ready to begin composting (which will be challenging in an apartment) and riding my bike 2 work (even at 6am!).

Kimberly Pinkson: GETTING MORE SLEEP! Good night all! xo


Thanks again to everyone who made our party such a fantastic event. We hope to tweet with you all again soon!

The best pillows – road tested!

For many (myself included!), the key to a great night’s sleep is a perfect pillow. Although finding the elusive “perfect” one can be a bit of a challenge, Real Simple magazine has taken out much of the guesswork by “road testing” pillows! We’re excited to say that out of 35 tested, our Batiste 800 Fill Power European White Goose Down Pillow was selected as the best “Soft and Lofty” pillow!

Our 800 Fill Power European White Goose Down Pillow in Real Simple magazine

Our 800 Fill Power European White Goose Down Pillow in Real Simple magazine!

So, if your pillow isn’t living up to expectations and you’re thinking about a replacement, Real Simple has the scoop on the best ones around.

And, speaking of pillows, the countdown to our giveaway on Facebook has officially begun! There’s still time to enter, so head on over to our page for a chance to win. Good luck!

Psst … have you heard?!

1000 Fill Power European Goose Down Batiste Pillow

1000 Fill Power European Goose Down Batiste Pillow

We’re so excited to announce our pillow giveaway, going on now at our Facebook page! Head on over for a chance to win one of 10 450 Thread Count Sateen Luxury Synthetic Fill Pillows – and one lucky grand prize winner will receive our 1000 Fill Power European Goose Down Batiste Pillow!

To enter, simply submit your name and email address in the entry form on our contest page. We won’t start drawing names until we reach 1,000 fans, so help us reach our goal by liking and sharing our page.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook and check out all of the fun. Have a great weekend – and good luck!

It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning – to honor our veterans, and have a contest

On a day that is notable for being November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11 (that’s a lot of elevens!) we don’t want to forget that of course, this is Veteran’s Day.  So we would first like to take a moment and honor our soldiers, both men and women, wherever they may be serving right now, and also all those who’ve come before them!  We most certainly appreciate their service on our behalf and wish all those serving right now, a safe return home to their families!

A Lovely Eleven Morning

A Lovely Eleven Morning

Of course, the fact that the actual date is rather interesting with all those elevenses, made us (well at least the less “youthful” members of our creative crew) remember a highly amusing animated short from the 1970s version of our childhood favorite, Sesame Street – all about the number 11.

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

And while we’re on the topic of elevens – we thought we’d have a little giveaway and offer our fans the chance to win an adorable coin purse, made from fabric we use to create one of our customer favorites, our quilted “Tea Time Toile” bedding. We package our quilted coverlets and pillow shams in similar matching quilted bags, great for storage, gifts and more!

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and simply answer this eleven-related question:  If all you had left in your coin purse was $11, what would you buy?  We’ll give a coin purse to eleven lucky posters with the eleven most creative answers we receive by the end of today!  Best of luck!

Facebook Giveaway Contest Today!

Pima Cotton Blend Nightgown

Pima Cotton Blend Nightgown

Pssst! We are giving away this incredibly soft pima cotton blend nightgown on Facebook today!

Head on over for a chance to win – all you have to do is share your 4th of July plans with us on Facebook, and we will enter your name into a random drawing to win this size small nightgown, featuring an exclusive Asian-inspired print, wrist length sleeves, mid-calf length, and comfortably generous fit. 96% cotton/4% spandex.

The drawing ends at 4pm today, and the winner will be announced by 4:30, so be sure to get your comment in on time – and good luck!