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May 14, 2011 by
Eco-Friendly Downsized Homes
6-16-small homes

6-16-small homes by this_could_be_my_house, on Flickr

Smaller + Greener = Better If you read our blog post on the micro-sized 258 square foot apartment, this one won’t surprise you! According to “The Small Spaces Trend“, a white paper by Kleber and Associates, small homes are in – and no wonder, because they are efficient, fun, eco-friendly, and highly affordable. has a great roundup of the 5 tiniest prefab homes that clearly demonstrate bigger does not mean better.

Color pencils

Color pencils by Dominik Syka, on Flickr

Bright Colors While perhaps a more fleeting seasonal trend, we love all the color popping out this spring. From bold reds to acid greens and everything in between – the fashion and home decor industries are flashier than usual! For those who shy away from brilliant shades, this article from has some great ideas on how to start small by incorporating small flourishes of bright color in your home.

Reclaimed wood ladder in the Sleeping Cabin

Reclaimed wood ladder in the Sleeping Cabin by lightcap, on Flickr

Reclaimed Wood The use of reclaimed wood goes hand-in-hand with the trend towards smaller, more eco-friendly living spaces. Plus, as they point out on, reclaimed wood is not only sustainable, it is also practical, because it is “denser, more stable, adds instant history to your home and is the only source for such bygone species as heart pine and chestnut.”

Vintage Art

Vintage Art by Dee Adams, on Flickr

Vintage Along with reclaimed wood and smaller spaces, vintage is eco-friendly, too! From vintage art to reclaimed vintage mason jar lamps, it’s easy to incorporate a vintage piece into your home. You can even create your own vintage look pieces by repurposing old items from your home!

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