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Pick Your Plush – How to Find Your Best Towel

July 31, 2018 by

The dog days of summer have arrived, which means you’ll most likely be spending a good portion of your time trying to cool off. Whether it be lounging by the pool, laying out on sandy beaches, or simply taking a cold shower; you’re going to want a towel handy.

When picking a towel, you’ll want to consider these three attributes: weight, texture, and absorbency.


A towel’s weight is measured by GSMs (Grams Per Square Meter) and is an easy way to determine the quality of a towel.

While heavier towels may be seen as more luxurious, take into consideration that they will take longer to dry. Any towel that has over 550 GSMs is considered to be of high quality and made to last longer.

Weighing in at 700 grams per square meter of 100% cotton, our Trescott Cotton Towel is highly absorbent and oh-so plush. This towel is quick drying, while absorbing every bit of moisture, making it great for everyday use.

At 600 GSMs, our Tropical Stripe Cotton Towel is also highly absorbent, plus boasts a colorful print that makes it perfect for summertime. Yarn-dyed to hold its color, this towel will be your go-to beach towel for years to come!


Not only does the texture influence the feel of a towel, but it can also help create a different look. A simple waffled texture can give towels a nice, textural softness, all while creating a unique style.

Our Avenida Cotton Towel features a waffled texture and can be added to any bathroom to provide a simple elegance.  And while the look of it might make it seem like a delicate towel, the waffled texture, shrinkage control and pill-resistant finishes make this towel very durable.

If a waffled texture isn’t for you, stick to a smoother texture for ultimate softness.

Our Vossen Towel is made from 100% combed cotton, has a super soft texture and is finished with a textural striped border, which adds subtle style all while providing the softest feel.


Highly dependent on what fabric is used to create the towel, absorbency can vary. Most of the time you will find that a towel is made from some variation of cotton, including: Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, Turkish cotton, and many more.

Our Bamboo Towel is a customer favorite – not only is this our most absorbent, but it is also one of our most heavy-duty towels!

Made from a mixture of 57% cotton and 43% rayon, but the construction puts 60% bamboo in the pile, where you will feel it most.

Don’t let the softness of this towel fool you – with 700 grams per square meter, it is also extremely durable.

Which Cuddledown towel do you prefer, and where will you be getting use out of it? Let us know in the comments below!



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