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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs – how to get them in 3 easy steps

Kitty catching Zzzzzzzzs on our Faux Fur Throw

Kitty catching Zzzzzzzzs on our Faux Fur Throw

Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep after the clock changed?  We thought we’d share some pointers from Good Housekeeping magazine!

Among their many great tips (who knew cherry juice would be a good sleep aid)? were the following.

1) Not to state the obvious, but stress can cause people sleepless nights. According to Good Housekeeping, researchers have proven that raising your skin temperature may enable you to fall asleep faster and then shift you into deeper sleep. You could take a warm bath, or, you could also get a programmable, heated mattress pad that clicks off automatically – so you can slip into a toasty, snuggly bed, but not wake up sweating later!

2) Choose the right sheets. GH’s experts have tested many, many sheets, and they recommend that you choose your sheets based on the finish. They say it’s more important than thread count for sleep comfort. There’s a finish for every taste – you may like warm, cozy flannel or jersey, or silky smooth sateen, or crisp cool percale, and if you’re unsure, check out our sheet guide!

3) Lovely lavender doesn’t just smell nice. GH says that in numerous experiments, subjects have reported sounder sleep when exposed to the scent. You can use lavender-scented oil or spray to lightly sprinkle on your bedding, or enjoy a lavender-infused, heatable wrap to ease those tired muscles.

To read more ideas on how to catch those ZZZZZZs, check out Good Housekeeping’s article, and stay tuned to our blog!



Daylight Saving Time – yay or nay? Flashback Friday

Daylight Saving Time _ ClockThis Friday’s Flashback post is all about time.  The powers that be have long debated whether we should tinker with the clock – pushing our observed time ahead or not. Daylight Saving Time is meant to essentially transfer an hour of daylight from early morning to the hours when more people are out and about, purportedly to save energy and help reduce traffic accidents.

Although the concept of Daylight Saving Time has been around for more than a hundred years (the first mention of it was by Benjamin Franklin in a 1784 essay titled “An Economical Project”), it was primarily utilized in World War I and II, and then didn’t make a more consistent appearance again until 1966. At that time, due to too many different times being followed by various states, Congress passed the Uniform Time Act, which stated that Daylight Saving Time would begin on the last Sunday of April and end on the last Sunday of October.

After the “energy crisis” of 1973, the government approved the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Conservation Act, which put the United States on Daylight Saving Time for the fifteen-month period between January 1974 and April 1975. Many of who were schoolchildren during that time, will undoubtedly remember the little glow stickers schools handed out for kids to put on their lunchboxes, backpacks and clothing since it was darker during the morning wait for the bus.

More recently, in 2007, the federal government’s Energy Policy Act extended Daylight Saving Time to begin earlier, on the second Sunday of March, and end later, on the first Sunday of November. For many of us in the Northeast, adding that extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day when we’re all returning home from work, is something we all look forward to. In Maine in December, the sun sets around 4:30 p.m. – making the commute home under the night sky a pretty depressing prospect. However, many others would debate that it causes the morning commute to be equally dark, especially for children waiting for the school bus.

Like bears and other hibernating creatures, perhaps the early afternoon darkness indicates we should come home and curl up in a cozy comforter and just go to sleep (something we at Cuddledown certainly can get behind!), rather than stay up watching TV, or being glued to our computer screens working, but unfortunately that’s not the way the world works.  So for now at least, we’ll look forward (or not) to turning our clocks ahead this weekend (remember “Spring Ahead”) and gaining that precious hour of light!

Let us know what you think – Daylight Saving Time – keep it, or trash it?

Love a bargain? Save up to 70% off at Cuddledown’s Outlet Store!

Cuddledown Outlet Store Clearance SaleFrom today through Monday, March 11, you can save up to 70% off select items, and 20% off all regularly priced items at our Cuddledown Outlet Store in Freeport, Maine!

Looking for a cozy down or synthetic comforter? Or perhaps some super soft blankets or sheets in 100% cotton flannel, percale or sateen?

There are a plethora of pillows to choose from, not to mention soft, absorbent towels in bamboo or cotton.

And we’re not just all about bedding and linens – we carry a wide selection of sleepwear and apparel! From pajamas, nightgowns, robes, bed jackets and slippers to comfy yet chic loungewear, apparel and footwear too, by brands such as Lilla P., Ramblers Way, Ugg and more!

In addition to the items you can find at or in our catalog, our buyers for the Cuddledown Outlet Store seek out unique gift and home decor items, some of them locally sourced, that you won’t find anywhere else!

So drive on over to Freeport – our store’s located on Route 1, just off exit 20 on I-295. Store hours are Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Phone # is 207–865–1713.

First Friday 40% off sale on our Temperature Regulating Comforter!

March 40x40 sale_Temperature Regulating Comforter

March 40x40 sale_Temperature Regulating Comforter

Since it’s the first Friday of the month, once again we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with our “First Friday 40″ special sale!

For March, we’re offering our customer favorite Temperature Regulating Comforter in fluffy 700 Fill Power Down, now at 40% off!

This discounted price is good for 40 hours only, so act fast to get our uniquely-designed, comforter – known to have saved several marriages from the eternal battle of the bedcovers!  :)

On a more serious note, in celebrating 40 years ago, in March of 1973,  the last American soldier left Vietnam. Bringing the troops home to their families safely is always a reason to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day tips – do’s and don’ts!

Valentines Day tips - do's and don'ts

Valentines Day tips - do's and don'ts

So tomorrow’s the big V-day. For those who are single, that doesn’t necessarily mean V for victory, or perhaps it does? At least there’s no pressure in trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present, or activity.

For couples, studies have been done indicating although the traditional gifts of flowers or chocolate are appreciated by some, as it turns out (as shared on MSN’s, most women, and men, would rather receive something else. No big surprises here – men overwhelmingly want electronics. And women, just as overwhelmingly, would love some jewelry. Both indicate they’d love a date night out. In a way, as the article stated, giving your loved one candy, a stuffed animal or helium balloons, is something you might give a child! actually included those traditional gifts, and also, jewelry in a ring-size box that’s not an engagement ring, in their top 10 worst Valentine’s Day gifts!

So whether you’re single, or a couple, one way around this dilemma is to go out, with friends or as a couple, and enjoy the evening! Here in Maine, we’re lucky to have many outrageously delectable places where we can dine, from clam shacks to nationally-acclaimed restaurants. Recently, Bon Appetit magazine posted a list of the top 20 most important restaurants in the U.S. One of Maine’s own, Primo, from Rockland (just up the coast), was included.

Of course another option, especially in colder climates where there are still feet of snow covering the ground, is to stay home, snuggle up with your sweetie in a cozy comforter, or silky smooth sateen sheets, like our customer favorites at Cuddledown!  And if you’re single, just pop in a great movie, (preferably something fun or action-oriented, none of that mushy stuff!)  and enjoy the evening.  It’ll be February 15th soon enough!

Blizzard Nemo of 2013 – how to stay warm and cozy

Blizzard of 1969

Blizzard of 1969

Here in Maine, while hunkering down waiting to see just how much snow this blizzard will bring, we thought we’d take a look back since it’s “Flashback Friday”!

Over recent decades, we can count the number of times we’ve had over 2 feet of snow in a single storm on one hand. The famous blizzard of 1978 that buried parts of New England with up to 4 feet of snow only resulted in around a foot of snow in Maine. However, the following year, in January 1979, Portland ended up with around 27 inches of snow. Ten years prior to that, in February of 1969 a snowstorm lasted for nearly 100 hours, resulting 27 inches in the city.

The current storm, oddly named “Nemo” by the Weather Channel, has had forecasts of anything from 18″ to as much as 30″ of snow, with most experts predicting around 20″ of the white stuff.  We’ll have to wait and see if we hit the magic 2 foot level!  In the meantime, like most of New England, we’ve battened down the hatches and are holed up in our homes staying safe and warm.

Down Comforter from CuddledownAt Cuddledown, we’re particularly lucky as our employees get special discounts, so virtually everyone has at least one, if not several cozy Cuddledown comforters to snuggle under. And for everyone else, while stuck indoors, you can go online and shop our heavenly warm down or synthetic comforters, which are on sale until Monday!

We hope that everyone stays safe, warm and cozy!



How to create your own spa getaway

Lavender Scented Luxury Spa Neck Pillow

Lavender Scented Luxury Spa Neck Pillow

The New England weather forecast for the end of this week is almost unbearable (right now anywhere from 15-40″ of snow… yes, really…). It’s enough to make you want to run for the nearest plane heading for somewhere warm and tropical – preferably a luxurious oceanfront spa!  Then reality enters …  But don’t despair – we’re happy to share a great solution – with some clever planning, you can create your own spa experience in the comfort of your own home! The blog MindBodyGreen even shares ideas on how to turn your shower into a spa!

Some tips for re-creating that sensational spa-like experience include:

Keep it organized/make it nice – you can get rid of bathroom clutter with some attractive, yet functional bathroom organizers.

Get organically clean - use organic, aromatic cleansers for your room as well as for your skin. For healthy, soothing cleanliness, one great brand we’ve discovered is Caldrea.

Wrap yourself in soft, fluffy goodness - there’s a reason our customers love our bamboo towels, they’re absorbent and made from environmentally sustainable materials. And après shower, envelop yourself in a big, fluffy spa robe!

Ease your body and mind – if you don’t have time for a nice, hot shower, just take 5 minutes to relax with a microwavable lavender spa wrap – it releases tension and soothes sore muscles, and allows you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Cuddledown Spa products 1987

Cuddledown Spa products 1987

At Cuddledown, we can appreciate the spa experience, we’ve been doing this for at least 25 years. Check out our catalog page from 1987!




1973 – the birth of Cuddledown!

Cuddledown 40th Anniversary logoHere at Cuddledown we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary, so during the coming year, on “Flashback Fridays”, we’ll reminisce about our history, how things were done then and now, share old catalog images and more!  We encourage you to share your comments – we’d love to read your stories too!

With temperatures in the single digits (or lower) and wind chills as low as -35F this week in Maine, the incredibly cold weather prompted a reflection about why, back in 1973, Cuddledown was born. Any of you who lived through the 70’s, probably remember the great oil crisis of 1973. For those who don’t, a refresher — back in ’73, people had big, heavy cars that used a ton of gas and speed limits were, well, unlimited in some places. None of that mattered because the price of a gallon of gas was around $0.39 per gallon (comparatively, the median family income was around $11-13,000/year, a new house was around $32,500.00 and a basic car cost $2,500.00).

1973 oil crisis

1973 oil crisis

Then came the great OPEC/Arab oil embargo, causing gas and oil shortages throughout the U.S. The price of gas was drastically escalated, as high as $1.20 for a gallon of gas, and many gas stations ran out, with lines all around the block. In some places the gas was rationed and speed limits were lowered on highways to 55 mph. The lack of oil suddenly caused many to think of new ways to keep warm.

Original Cuddledown owners the Mansons

Original Cuddledown owners, the Mansons

When Cuddledown’s original owners, Dave and Carol Manson had traveled to Europe, they discovered the superb warmth of the European down comforters (which were uncommon in the U.S. at the time.) and vowed to bring them back home to share the comfort. Eventually they began selling them out of their home, and thus was Cuddledown born!

Today, we offer down comforters in a wide range of fill power, and warmth levels, as well as hypoallergenic, lofty synthetic fill that feels like down — something cozy for everyone!

To be continued… stay tuned for the next Flashback Friday. And stay warm – we know we will!


What’s old is new — from feedsack dresses to DIY pillowcase nightgowns!

Feedsack dressesToday we take for granted the easy availability of inexpensive fabric and clothing. But back in the day, especially during the Depression, our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, out of necessity and sheer practicality, made do with what they had. From the 1920s through the 1950s, flour and sugar were sold in large cotton bags. Women of that time found creative uses for the sacks, making not only household goods like towels, curtains and so on, but also creating clothing such as aprons, undergarments and dresses. Companies selling the products soon realized the opportunity for marketing and began creating attractively printed sacks.

Today with more emphasis on recycling and the current economic climate, we’re looking back at the practicality of our elders. We may not have flour sacks, but most of us have bedding we could recycle. How many of us have worn out sheets, but have extra pillowcases stPillowcase nightgownill in good shape? Rather than throw them away, or stick them in the dusty back of the closet, pretty printed pillowcases, such as Cuddledown’s floral and paisley pillowcases, could make a cute skirt, or a child’s nightgown!

There are many craft bloggers and websites with tutorials on how to make a pillowcase nightgown and even more with other great ideas for crafty recyclers! Our grandmas would be proud!

DIY Fail – when not to throw in the towel

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Or  this Japanese proverb: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” This time of year, many of us try to achieve our New Year’s resolutions, or attempt some new DIY projects, for ourselves or our homes.

But …    most of us are not Martha Stewart.  And most of us just throw in the towel. But we’re here to let you know, never give up – your failed project just might be salvageable!Cookie Monster Cupcake fail

This woman’s blog tells the story of a DIY fail that was  rescued from the ashes of despair. What seemed like a simple bed restoration project, then turned into a nightmare of painting, sanding, repainting… and wasps.  Yes. Wasps.

If you’ve run into a funny DIY fail or have a story of your own, please share it on our Pinterest DIY board, or post it on our Facebook page!  If you get it in before Monday, January 21, we’re selecting one winner to receive our customer fave Bamboo towels!

And follow this blog, or our Pinterest DIY board and Facebook for more tips – and we’ll try to keep it simple to ensure fewer fails!

Give Green with eco-friendly gifts from Cuddledown!

Canco Woods

Courtesy of

Shopping for your eco-conscious friend or loved one and having trouble coming up with some great gift ideas? Look no further – here at Cuddledown, we offer super comfy products that are also easy on the environment – the perfect gift to soothe body, mind and soul!

For a unique gift, we carry Ramblers Way, the fantastic, superfine wool comfortwear developed by the founders of Tom’s of Maine. From the wool to the final stitching, Ramblers Way apparel is made in the USA, using sustainable farming practices and natural dyes, making it a terrific eco-friendly choice. It was recently included in Treehugger’s Gift Guide (see #12)!

8481_Ramblers Way cardigan

8481_Ramblers Way cardigan

You can also find some beautiful bedding and linens, such as our organic percale sheets, or our customer favorite bamboo towels, or any of our products made from Oeko-tex certified safe fabrics.

And if you live in the vicinity, you can stop by our wonderful Cuddledown Outlet Store in Freeport, Maine, or shop online at, and support local, small business while enjoying a more leisurely, resource-saving shopping experience!

Cuddledown is an authorized UGG® retailer!

UGG Holiday products at Cuddledown

Shop UGG products at Cuddledown!

You may know us for our fantastic bedding – but bet you didn’t know Cuddledown is an authorized retailer for UGG® Australia products!  In fact, we offer our customers a great selection of apparel, footwear and accessories from brands such as UGG®, Miraclebody®, Calida® and more! We simply love the comfy, practical style of UGG’s footwear and apparel and we offer our customers a great selection of slippers, boots, outerwear, and accessories too!

As those of you who adore the UGG® brand may know, there are many out there who UGG Australia at Cuddledownwould try to make a quick buck off counterfeiting their products. At Cuddledown, we want our customers to feel confident they’re getting absolute authenticity in every product we offer. So we’re proud to display our official certification as an authorized UGG® retailer!

We hope you’ll enjoy shopping for UGG and our other brands, and feel good knowing that they meet our high quality standards for which our bedding is known!



US-made Ramblers Way comfortwear – perfect for Fall and now on sale!

Ramblers Way hoodie

Ramblers Way hoodie

The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. What better to wear outdoors hiking, or leaf blowing, or simply taking the dog for a walk, than a super soft, superfine, lightweight wool hoodie from Ramblers Way!

Ramblers Way’s owners, Tom and Kate Chappell (former owners of Tom’s of Maine), are committed to keeping their company sustainable and all-natural. In addition, from the US-farm-raised sheep, to the final product made in the USA, Ramblers Way’s clothing is all-American!

From now through Wednesday, October 24, in celebration of Kate Chappell’s birthday, Cuddledown is pleased to offer all  Ramblers Way clothing at 20% off plus free shipping!

Ramblers Way comfortwear is exactly that. When most people think of wool, they think of thick, heavy sweaters that itch.

Kate and Tom Chappell, Ramblers Way

Kate and Tom Chappell, Ramblers Way

Ramblers Way’s wool comes from their US-bred Rambouillet sheep, known for their superior fleece. This superfine fiber is spun into a very fine yarn which allows for the soft, lightweight knitted wool used in their comfortwear. Their “worsted” yarn construction keeps fibers parallel to avoid the typical wool “itchy” feel. The net result is a fabric that is light, breathes, doesn’t make you itch, and has the insulating and odor absorbing properties unique to wool.

And finally, Ramblers Way comfortwear is perfect for the entire family, including children! Whether wearing it for outdoor activities, or lounging in your home, you’ll love all-natural, all-comfort, all-American Ramblers Way!


Cuddledown Celebrates Manufacturing Day

Filling a pillow

Filling a pillow

Today is Manufacturing Day – honoring all of those companies manufacturing goods in the USA. At Cuddledown, we’re proud to have a crew of skilled employees right here in Maine who make all of our core down and synthetic bedding (pillows, comforters, featherbeds and more)!

Our CEO Chris Bradley has stated that he feels strongly about keeping manufacturing jobs here in Maine, “Like so many other bedding and apparel manufacturers, it’s virtually impossible to avoid using imported fabrics; however, we have managed to keep from transferring our manufacturing operations offshore.” He added, “Cuddledown began in Maine, we have skilled Maine-trained stitchers who know best how to produce Cuddledown products, and having our operations in Maine allows us to scrutinize the materials that go into each pillow, comforter and featherbed.”

If you wish to purchase some of our fine, made in the USA products, and if you happen to live nearby, you can get some of these fantastic products on sale at our Freeport, Maine outlet store this Columbus Day weekend!  You can save 20% off our full priced, US-made down products! And of course, as always, you can also save to 75% on selected sleepwear, sheets, apparel and gifts. For more information about the store and directions, view our Freeport store’s web page.

Cuddledown’s Pillows Featured in The Washington Post!

Washington Post features Cuddledown pillows

Washington Post features Cuddledown pillows

We were thrilled to be featured in a recent edition of the Washington Post illustrating the benefits of various types of pillows!  Reporter Jura Koncius highlighted three of our most highly rated Cuddledown pillows, starting with our quality 235 Thread Count Cotton Cambric Synthetic Pillow, our comfy 600 Fill Power European Duck Down Pillow and ending with the superbly soft and lightweight Batiste 800 Fill Power European White Goose Down Pillow!

The article also includes some great tips for purchasing pillows as well as caring for them, which you can also find on our website, and mentioned several interesting statistics about pillows as well!



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