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Fall Bedding Guide

October 5, 2021 by
autumn print bedding

For many, the end of summer means trading in warm weather for shorter, cooler days. Fall is the perfect time to make the change from lightweight summer bedding to warmer sheets, blankets and comforters. Create a beautiful fall look with bedding adorned with colorful autumn leaves and shades of red, orange and gold, in a fabric that works best for you. To help you find your best bedding for fall, we’ve created the Fall Bedding Guide!

The Best Sheets for Fall

Cotton Sateen
Unbelievably comfortable any time of year, our 400 Thread Count Sateen Sheets are extremely soft with a silky texture. This lustrous fabric has a slight sheen and absorbs and evaporates moisture, keeping you warm and dry during chilly fall nights.

Cotton Jersey
Perfect for cool sleepers, our medium weight Jersey Cotton Sheets are breathable, smooth to the touch, and are as soft and comfy as your favorite t-shirt. A great choice for fall, as cotton jersey stays warm as temperatures fall.

Cotton Flannel
Our warmest and heaviest sheets, our 100% cotton flannel is brushed for extra softness. This cozy fabric holds in extra warmth and is recommended for cool sleepers and climates. Browse our selection of new fall flannel colors and patterns to change up your look.

Warm & Cozy Comforters

Ease into fall with a comforter level that best suits your sleeping style (see below). If you sleep warm and your spouse sleeps cool, or vice versa, our Dual Warmth Down Comforter is the perfect solution – it’s a single comforter with two separate warmth levels. Just choose a warmth level for each side – from a lighter weight Summer Level, to a warmer Level 1, to our warm and cozy Level 2.

Down Blanket
Equivalent warmth to a medium-weight blanket, but softer and loftier – comfort you only get from a down comforter.

Summer Comforter
All the warmth of a thick blanket, yet light and puffy. Ideal for warm bedrooms or warm sleepers and can be used year round.

Level 1
Our most popular comforter, providing the warmth of two thick blankets, without the weight.

Level 2
Our warm, cozy comforter, designed for cold sleepers and cool rooms.

Levels 3 & 4  
Designed for the coldest temperatures and climates. Created specifically for cold bedrooms and sleepers.

Soft & Cuddly Blankets

Layer your bed with a blanket that keeps you cozy while also allowing you to regulate your temperature throughout the night. Keep a blanket at the foot of your bed that you can reach when you need that extra warmth. Choose a blanket based on your preference for fabric, warmth and weight:

From soft and cuddly cotton fleece to warm and fuzzy flannel, our cotton blankets add just-right warmth to your bedding ensemble.

Wool is naturally cozy with temperature regulating properties. Wool blankets tend to be medium to heavy in weight and add insulating warmth.

Down & Synthetic
Lighter in weight without sacrificing warmth, down and synthetic fill blankets are a soft and cozy solution for keeping out the chill.

Our cotton and cotton/poly blend fleece blankets are exceptionally soft and warm. The medium weight of fleece works well alone or as an extra layer of cuddly warmth. 

Mattress Pads Add Comfort & Warmth

Mattress pads are another great way to add an extra layer of comfort and support to your bed. Try a temperature regulating mattress pad to wick moisture away and keep you warm and dry. Looking to turn your bed into the ultimate warm and cozy nest? A heated mattress pad will warm up your bed for you before you turn in for the night. деньги в долг без процентов по паспорту

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  • Reply Eldon and Joan Boes July 1, 2022 at 8:51 am

    We’re looking for a very light weight comforter for summer use here in Virginia. Our bedroom temperature may exceed 80 degrees on some nights. We recall sleeping under really light, filled comforters when traveling in Europe in the past. We think they were down-filled.
    We already have medium and thick down comforters for mid-seasons and for winter respectively, so this would be strictly for summer use.
    Of course, cost is also a concern.
    What might you recommend?

    • Reply Cuddledown August 15, 2022 at 3:06 pm

      Great question! We’d recommend our 700 fill power down comforters with a Blanket Level or Summer Level warmth rating. We also offer a temperature regulating version (item number Z1087).

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