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How to Sleep Better When Traveling

April 18, 2017 by

When you’re away from home, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep.

From waking up in a new environment, to being away from the comforts of your daily routine, the quick change of time and place can often leave you restless and tired.

Add to that potential time zone changes and uncomfortable flights and you can be struggling to get adequate rest for days.

But fear not! We’ve compiled a guide to ensuring you get a proper night’s rest so you can sleep well and actually enjoy your vacation!

planepillowPack your favorite pillow

Whether you’re traveling cross-country, or simply spending a weekend somewhere close by, preparation is key when traveling. And when it comes to sleep, there’s nothing more important than packing the right pillow.

Plan ahead, and skip the guesswork of wondering whether or not a hotel pillow will be to your liking, by packing your favorite pillow from home that comfortably supports your head and neck. By making sure your pillow is just the way you like it, you’re sure to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day head-on, whatever your destination may be.

Looking to get some rest on the plane? Try a travel pillow! If you’re in a pinch and need to catch a couple of quick Z’s, you can’t beat the ease and convenience of a pillow that can be easily carried and stored away when you need it.


Ease into the transition

For those who are traveling longer distances, battling jet lag and time zone changes be a real challenge.

To help offset any dramatic changes, slowly adjust your clock a couple days before your flight to match that of your destination’s time zone.

This will give your body a chance to readjust and stay accustomed to its natural sleep-wake cycle, allowing you to eat meals at the same time each day without throwing your whole routine off.

When you land, do your best to stay awake and be active. Try to go outside and take a walk, or take a refreshing shower to help revitalize yourself.

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages, as they both cause dehydration and will inevitably disrupt your sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try using a sleep-mask to completely block out any outside stimulus that may be keeping you awake. Good luck!

planeslippersCreate a “home away from home”

While there’s no way to replace the comfort of your own bed, try to bring some things from your home to remind you of your own bedroom to help you fall asleep.

Whether it be a favorite pillow, pictures, flameless candle, the additional comfort of personal possessions will go a long way in helping you feel more comfortable and ready to sleep!

Even simple comforts, such as packing a reliable pair of slippers, can be a great reminder home and help put your mind at rest for the following day.

Do you have any tips for travel and sleep? Let us know in the comments!






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