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Give Your Bedroom a Spring Makeover

March 7, 2017 by

The seasons are changing and winter is slowly, but surely turning to spring.

While nature is going through changes outside, there’s no better time for you to revitalize your home inside and prepare for the warm months ahead.

With a whole new array of inspiring colors brought forth by nature, why not incorporate some of these blossoming floral tones and patterns into your bedroom design?

Check out our tips below for creating a lively spring setting in your bedroom!

Color, Color, Color

ladder-1977946_640Nothing says spring quite like a nice splash of color, so why not start big and give your bedroom a makeover with a new coat of paint.

Liven up your bedroom with bright, inspiring colors like bright blue, and red, or more muted shades like pink, yellow and green for a classic spring look.

For further inspiration, why not try incorporating the Pantone color of the year “Greenery” into your design?

Selected for its “zesty yellow green shade that evokes the first days of spring”, you can’t get any more seasonal, or trendy, than that!

Create a layered effect to your springtime palette by doubling up on your bedding with even more exciting pastel colors.

Bring the Outside, Inside!

pexels-photo-175974Just because it came from the outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of nature into your interior design.

Embrace your DIY spirit, and craft a small bouquet of flowers to brighten up your bedside table.

Have some extra garden ornaments hanging around?

Repurpose old water-pails or birdbaths into decorative table side ornaments by creating small terrariums to add a rustic charm to your home.

You could even bring a lasting sense of spring flowers into your home by adding a floral wallpaper to your room.

For even further springtime inspiration, try coordinating your bedding with your new aesthetic by adding a duvet cover, or sheets, with a similar flower pattern.

Experiment and have fun!

Make it pop

VivianaThere’s no better way to highlight color in your room than by contrasting different textures, patterns and designs.

For starters, accent your room with exciting spring colors like bright yellow, green and pink against a neutral wallpaper, or vice versa.

Try to find something that makes a statement and run with it. Get creative and let your inner designer shine!

By inviting color into your room you’re sure to infuse an additional dose of fun and excitement to your daily life.

What are some of your favorite ways to freshen up your bedroom for spring? Let us know in the comments!



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