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Cuddledown Product Review of the Week – Italian Linen Plain-Sewn Bedding.

This weeks review is from a customer in Portland ME on our Italian Linen Plain-Sewn Bedding.

Italian Linen Plain-Sewn Bedding

Italian Linen Plain-Sewn Bedding

There is nothing I like better than slipping into a bed made with fresh crisp linens. Once I experienced the Italian Linen sheets, they became one of my favorite sheets. They are wonderful in the summer months as they wick away moisture and still retain their crispness. Linen does have a tendency to wrinkle but since I like the look of a casual bed I don’t bother to iron my sheets. I remove the linens from the dryer when slightly damp and smooth out the wrinkles when folding. If I have company coming and I want a more finished look for my guest room, I do iron my sheets and find it easiest when they are slightly damp.

5 stars - star rating

Customer, Portland ME

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