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Cuddledown’s “Naked Pillow” catalog caption contest

Cuddledown Fall 2012 catalog cover

Caption our Cuddledown Fall 2012 catalog cover!

At Cuddledown, all of our pillows, until properly dressed with a pillowcase, are referred to internally as “naked” pillows. With our Fall 2012 catalog featuring said pillows in our Annual Pillow Sale, our creative team came up with this “out of the box” catalog cover!

Whether you find it humorous, or over the top – you have to admit, it’s memorable!

Although we wrote  our own copy, we decided it’d be fun to have our customers and fans post their own catalog cover caption on our Facebook page!

You have from now until 8:00 a.m. July 17 to post your caption. The winner with the best caption (to be determined by our panel of experts) will win a pair of Cuddledown’s premium 700 fill power down pillows!  So put your best “Mad Men” ad agency creativity to work and have fun!

We encourage the use of humor, but we will reserve the right to edit posts as necessary :)

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4 snobs are talking about this post

  1. Hi
    I think this add shows a lot of humor and presents the products in a new brave way!
    Congrats to Cuddledown for that!!
    Why all the negative response on this?
    Why does Americans feel threatened by this quit so innocent picture?
    Why hesitate to have more humor in the bedroom??

  2. Hi Donna,

    We apologize for the delay in publishing your comments and want to thank you for reading and commenting on our post. We appreciate your opinion and hope that our newest catalog cover is more to your liking.

    Thank you again for your feedback,

  3. Interesting you ask for customer imput and yet you won’t publish what the customer suggests.
    Why is that? You put nude people holding pillows on their private parts and you want a”suitable” caption.
    . Honestly, would YOU want to put your head down to sleep on the pillow your models are holding? Think about it.


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