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Happy Graduation!


graduation by sovietmole, on Flickr

Congratulations to all the recent graduates – they’ve worked hard, and they deserve a rest!

If you looking for the perfect gift for the graduate in your life, we have some food for thought – high school grads will soon be moving on to a dorm room, away from the comfort of their own home, while many college grads will soon be moving into their very first apartment. This means all recent grads will be in need of items for the home or dorm, among the most important of which is new bedding!

A new comforter or a set of high-quality sheets make great (not to mention practical!) gifts for recent high school or college grads. If your grad is moving to a dorm, a twin extra-long mattress pad or featherbed might be just the thing to make their transition more comfortable!

One of our own wrote a blog post with the perhaps elaborately long, but certainly much appreciated, list of items she sent her “baby” off to college with – you can read her post, Off to College for even more ideas!

In the meantime, please share your tips with us – what kind of items do you think make the best gifts for recent graduates?

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