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Creative tips for wrapping gifts!

Want to add some extra pizzazz to your holiday gifts? Instead of going with the old standby wrapping paper and ribbon this season, you can easily add a fun, personal touch with DIY details! We looked around the web for creative and easy present wrapping ideas and found a handful that your gift recipients are sure to love.

Handmade gift wrap by erika g., on flickr

Handmade gift wrap by erika g., on flickr

1. Eco-friendly gift wrap. Inexpensive and easy to find, environmentally-friendly gift wrap is a great choice, especially if you’re in a pinch. Martha Stewart suggests using recycled maps or grocery bags and adding antique beads. We love the idea of using dried flowers or plant pods, too, as shown above.

Wrapping cloth by yosoynuts

Wrapping cloth by yosoynuts, on flickr

2. Cloth wrapping paper. Known as “furoshiki” in Japan, wrapping gifts in cloth is both unique and eco-friendly. Plus, the gift wrap even becomes part of the gift if you use a silk scarf or oversized cloth napkin. Simply wrap the fabric around the present and tie the ends off in a knot or secure them with a safety pin.

Photo by shimelle, on flickr

Photo by shimelle, on flickr

3. Stamped gift wrap. Jazz up plain paper with a rubber stamp! If you’re feeling ambitious, stamp a large piece of paper with the same stamp to create a pattern. Or, stamp the center of a smaller piece of wrapping paper. You could even add sparkle with a bit of glitter or fabric paint!

Paper Flowers for the Holidays by PermaCultured, on flickr

Paper Flowers for the Holidays by PermaCultured, on flickr

4. Festive floral details. Instead of adding bows to your packages, why not make sweet paper flowers, like the ones shown above! Simply cut out paper circles and fold them in 8ths, like pie slices. Next, round off the “slice” end to create a decorative edge. Finally, stack the paper circles in layers and glue together. You can add sequins or gemstone stickers, as shown above, for extra flair! To attach, use a dot of glue or double-sided tape.

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