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“Phill Power” to run with Cuddledown’s team in Dempsey Challenge!

Phill Power, Cuddledown's Running Pillow Man

Phill Power, Cuddledown's Running Pillow Man

For the past two years, we here at Cuddledown have participated in the Dempsey Challenge to support the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing (founded by Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame). But this year, inspired by our colleague Nina, we’ve raised more than $15,000, putting our team in 4thplace overall for fundraising as well as for number of team members! And as an added bonus, as part of our team, Cuddledown’s very own “Phill Power,” the Running Pillow Man, will be racing in the 10K race on Saturday, October 8! As team members and competitors have said, “Don’t be fooled by his fluffy appearance; this pillow is fast!” He actually clocked in 12th overall in the recent Freeport 5K. (for more about Phill, read our previous post!)

At Cuddledown, many employees here have been touched in some way by cancer, and felt that the Dempsey Challenge was a great way to support those fighting this horrible disease. Earlier this year the Cuddledown family was saddened by the untimely death of their inventory buyer Nina Brown’s husband Chris, and was inspired to raise even more money for this year’s Dempsey Challenge.

Dempsey Challenge 2010 L-R, Jacob Sargent, Chris Bradley, Chris Brown

Dempsey Challenge 2010 L-R, Jacob Sargent, Chris Bradley, Chris Brown

As members of Cuddledown’s team, both Nina and Chris had participated in last year’s Challenge, even while Chris was fighting the disease – he rode his beloved bike 25 miles, while Nina walked the 10k. She said later in a letter thanking the Dempsey Challenge, “I know it was truly a moment of great personal triumph to him to cross that finish line and say ‘You can’t stop me’ to cancer…It’s a wonderful thing that even before the fundraising, you are helping patients with cancer triumph over the disease.”

This year’s Cuddledown team, made up of 53 employees, their families and friends, ranked 4th for the most team members and for most money raised, an amount totaling $15,200 (as of 10/6). Nina is gratified at the tremendous response from her colleagues and friends, and although it’s tinged with a note of sorrow, she looks forward to this weekend’s events, knowing that her efforts in bringing the team together, will be instrumental in helping others with their battle against cancer.

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