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How to pick just the right towel

September 19, 2011 by
Bamboo Towels

Soft and absorbent Bamboo Towels

Choosing a great towel, much like selecting bedding or pillows, can be a bit tricky.  As described in the Portland Press Herald, “bath towels come in a really wide array of styles and sizes, and are made with all sorts of fabrics and weaves.” Though the broad range of options makes the selection process a bit more time-consuming, it also means that you’ll be able to find a towel that fits your needs and makes you happy!

When purchasing bath towels, three key elements to consider are texture, absorbency and weight. Keep in mind that there are trade-offs to each, as towels that are heavier will take longer to dry, and towels that are not as plush will dry more quickly. For an absorbent towel that is still soft and plush, consider trying one made with bamboo, as it is four times more absorbent than cotton. These towels, like our Bamboo Towel shown above, are also anti-microbial. Or, if you’re looking for a towel that’s soft enough for the bath but sturdy enough for the beach, try one with a heavier weight, such as our Centurion Towel.

For more information on towel selection, our Guide to Buying Towels will give you the scoop!

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  • Reply Sarah September 20, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Annie, that is so great to hear! I actually just bought one myself and love how super soft and thick it is.

    Thanks for your feedback – we love to hear it!!

  • Reply Annie September 19, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    By all means try the bamboo towels. We remodeled (gutted actually) our bathroom a few months ago. Bought 2 sets of bamboo towels and love, love, LOVE the softness, plushness and absorbency. I swear the water jumps off my skin and onto the towel. Holds up well in the wash too.

    Worth every penny!

    Thank you Cuddledown!

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