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Make Your Own (Removable!) Designer Wallpaper

DIY Fabric Wallpaper

DIY Fabric Wallpaper - photo from

While browsing one of our favorite blogs,, we were thrilled to stumble across a fun article demonstrating how to make your own fabric wallpaper.

Textiles are close to our heart here at Cuddledown, and we love seeing the creative ways people utilize their favorite fabrics! Turns out, people have used everything from shower curtains to flat sheets to craft their own unique wallpaper!

So what do you need to hang your own fabric wallpaper?

  • fabric-by-the-yard, a flat sheet, or similar large flat piece of fabric that you love
  • liquid fabric starch
  • tacks or pins
  • a paint roller
  • a pan

1. Pour liquid starch into the pan
2. “Paint” the liquid starch to the top of a wall
3. Press the top of the fabric up in a straight line against the adhesive starch.
4. Tack the corners and several spots along the edge to make sure it stays in place.

Continue to paste more starch along the wall, pressing the fabric up against it and continuing to add tacks as needed to ensure it stays in place, smoothing out bumps and wrinkles as you go. When the fabric panel is hung and dry, simply remove the tacks, and stand back to soak in the beauty of your new designer wall.

Fabric Wallpaper

If you decide to take the fabric down, just slowly peel the fabric away from the wall, starting at the top. If you find the fabric is sticking, try dabbing it with a wet sponge to loosen the starch.

Looking for designer fabrics? Be sure to check out our selection of fabric-by-the-yard, or browse our sheets for a unique pattern you could hang on your wall, like our gorgeous Lily Pad print (shown here) from Dimitrios, a fashionable mid-town Manhattan designer who acquires his pieces from private collectors, archives, and auctions. Happy decorating!

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