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Is that Cuddledown pillow running?!

August 9, 2011 by
The elusive "Phill Power." ("???" by Charles Chan, on Flickr.)
The elusive "Phill Power." (Image by Charles Chan)

The elusive "Phill Power." (Image by Charles Chan)

If you happen to be in Freeport, Maine this weekend and spy an oversized pillow racing down Main Street, you’re not dreaming. Rumor has it that Cuddledown’s own “Phill Power,” the running pillow, is on the loose.

This mysterious fluffy character was last seen sprinting past Cuddledown, presumably on his way home to take a nap. We hear he’s most often seen wearing a sateen pillowcase and that he has a soft spot for all things down.

Why does he run? We’re not exactly sure, but it’s been said that he needs an outlet for all of the energy acquired during his nights of restful sleep. After his daily run, he recharges with a power nap and is ready to hit the streets once more.

Where can you find this stuffed behemoth? Sources say he’ll be making an appearance in Freeport this Sunday, August 14th during the Freeport Half Marathon/5K.

Stay tuned for more on Phill’s dash (and about the athlete behind “Phill Power,” Jacob Holz)!

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