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1973 – the birth of Cuddledown!

January 26, 2013 by
Original Cuddledown owners the Mansons

Cuddledown 40th Anniversary logoHere at Cuddledown we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary, so during the coming year, on “Flashback Fridays”, we’ll reminisce about our history, how things were done then and now, share old catalog images and more!  We encourage you to share your comments – we’d love to read your stories too!

With temperatures in the single digits (or lower) and wind chills as low as -35F this week in Maine, the incredibly cold weather prompted a reflection about why, back in 1973, Cuddledown was born. Any of you who lived through the 70’s, probably remember the great oil crisis of 1973. For those who don’t, a refresher — back in ’73, people had big, heavy cars that used a ton of gas and speed limits were, well, unlimited in some places. None of that mattered because the price of a gallon of gas was around $0.39 per gallon (comparatively, the median family income was around $11-13,000/year, a new house was around $32,500.00 and a basic car cost $2,500.00).

1973 oil crisis

1973 oil crisis

Then came the great OPEC/Arab oil embargo, causing gas and oil shortages throughout the U.S. The price of gas was drastically escalated, as high as $1.20 for a gallon of gas, and many gas stations ran out, with lines all around the block. In some places the gas was rationed and speed limits were lowered on highways to 55 mph. The lack of oil suddenly caused many to think of new ways to keep warm.

Original Cuddledown owners the Mansons

Original Cuddledown owners, Ellen and Dave Manson

When Cuddledown’s original owners, Ellen and Dave Manson had traveled to Europe, they discovered the superb warmth of the European down comforters (which were uncommon in the U.S. at the time.) and vowed to bring them back home to share the comfort. Eventually they began selling them out of their home, and thus was Cuddledown born!

Today, we offer down comforters in a wide range of fill power, and warmth levels, as well as hypoallergenic, lofty synthetic fill that feels like down — something cozy for everyone!

To be continued… stay tuned for the next Flashback Friday. And stay warm – we know we will!


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