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Sweet and sustainable Valentine’s Day ideas!

February 13, 2012 by
Valentine by psyberartist, on Flickr

Stumped about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Instead of giving your sweetie a colossal box of chocolates (though certainly not a bad gift!), why not try something more original – and eco-friendly? We thought we’d share a few sustainable ideas courtesy of Practically Green that are perfect for even the pickiest Valentine!

Valentine by psyberartist, on Flickr

Valentine by psyberartist, on Flickr

Go local If you’re planning on enjoying a special Valentine’s Day dinner, why not try a local, sustainable restaurant? We’re so fortunate to have a wide range of dining options here in Portland, from freshly made vegan fare, to homemade pasta (and lobster, of course!). If you’re not sure where to look in your town, Practically Green recommends checking out the Green Restaurant Association’s Dine Green Restaurant directory. There you’ll find restaurants that are Certified Green and committed to sustainability.

Buy fair trade treats If you’re set on going the chocolate route, consider giving a bar of organic or fair trade chocolate. The advantages? Cacao from organic chocolate was grown without the use of chemicals or fertilizers, meaning that your chocolate is all-natural. Plus, fair trade chocolate was produced ethically, and the farmers who raised the cacao were paid fair wages. Fair trade and organic chocolate can be found just about anywhere, too, so if you’re still searching for a gift, just head to the grocery store!

Give a handcrafted gift Whether you’re making a present yourself (always the best kind of gift!) or purchasing from local artisans, opting for handmade goods is a wonderful idea. The website recommends checking out Main Street Revolution, a site that showcases products from “local entrepreneurs with handmade goods.”

Tell us, how are you going green this Valentine’s Day?

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