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It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning – to honor our veterans, and have a contest

On a day that is notable for being November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11 (that’s a lot of elevens!) we don’t want to forget that of course, this is Veteran’s Day.  So we would first like to take a moment and honor our soldiers, both men and women, wherever they may be serving right now, and also all those who’ve come before them!  We most certainly appreciate their service on our behalf and wish all those serving right now, a safe return home to their families!

A Lovely Eleven Morning

A Lovely Eleven Morning

Of course, the fact that the actual date is rather interesting with all those elevenses, made us (well at least the less “youthful” members of our creative crew) remember a highly amusing animated short from the 1970s version of our childhood favorite, Sesame Street – all about the number 11.

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

And while we’re on the topic of elevens – we thought we’d have a little giveaway and offer our fans the chance to win an adorable coin purse, made from fabric we use to create one of our customer favorites, our quilted “Tea Time Toile” bedding. We package our quilted coverlets and pillow shams in similar matching quilted bags, great for storage, gifts and more!

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and simply answer this eleven-related question:  If all you had left in your coin purse was $11, what would you buy?  We’ll give a coin purse to eleven lucky posters with the eleven most creative answers we receive by the end of today!  Best of luck!

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