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Pucker Up: Getting Your Taste Buds Ready For Summer

May 31, 2011 by
Lime Pie
Lime Pie

Tangy tastebud-tempting tart

As this past weekend was the unofficial start to the summer season, I thought I’d celebrate with some lip-puckering, mouth-pleasingly tart lime pie.  Fear not, this is not your involved eggy custard kind of lime pie.  No this is a slap-it-all-together-and- revel-in-the-sublime-flavor-while-you-relax kind of pie.  Smooth, creamy, & no eggs necessary!  And even though this is a bedding blog, this pie is just too good NOT to share.  And really, who can’t use a good, solid, summer recipe?

I will note that I went the extra mile & prepared a shortbread crust using Martha Stewart’s recipe.  I found it a bit too salty & will probably cut the salt in half next time.  I did, however, like the extra zing that using coarse sea salt provided.  I simply followed the recipe for the crust & let it cool before moving onto the pie.  (I will mention that in the past, I’ve made my own graham cracker crust & I think I prefer that slightly sweeter, crunchier crust over the tangier, salted short bread one, but alas, I didn’t have any graham crackers on hand this past weekend.)

Now onto the pie!  My mother has sent me this recipe months ago with the directive that I must try it!  I think it was the addition of sour cream that made me a bit reluctant to whip it up immediately.  While I know that sour cream works well in cakes & frostings (I have a recipe for a sour cream chocolate frosting that is pretty much just heaven on a slice of cake), the idea of it being one of the few central ingredients gave me pause.  But being the obliging daughter that I am, I hesitantly did so & finally bellied up to the table & went to it.  And it came out amazing. I even opted for just regular ol’ limes – I think 6-ish gave me the 3/4 cup of juice – and the taste was just perfect: not overly puckerish, but just enough tartness to make your taste buds sing.  (And as a quick aside, rather than measuring out 3 cups of sweetened condensed milk, you can just use 2 14 oz. cans.)

This pie can be dressed up (I’ve used both homemade whipped cream & toasted, sweetened coconut to great success) or eaten purely as is.  However you eat it, it’ll be sure to add just the right amount of refreshing zip to your summer menu.

What are your favorite quintessential summer foods?

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