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Top Benefits of Linen Bedding

April 8, 2019 by

One of the oldest textiles in the world – there is evidence of linen cloth production in Ancient Egypt from the Neolithic period, c. 5500 BC.

Today, linen remains as one of the most popular textiles in the world, and for good reason! If you have never experienced the luxury of linen bedding, below are some benefits that will make you want to give it a try.

Year-round use

Containing high air permeability, moisture-wicking and heat conductivity properties – linen is a very breathable fabric. This means it regulates temperature and will keep you warm during cold winters, and cool during hot summers!

Lifelong luxury

Often seen as an investment, linen is substantially stronger than cotton, and known to last for decades! Therefore, while the premium price of linen bedding may seem daunting at first, it is important to remember that you will be getting use out of it for many years to come.

Like fine wine

Soft yet durable; linen has unique properties that make it even softer & shinier with each wash. This means that not only will you have your linen bedding for years, but also it will become even more delightful over time!

Free massage

That’s right – many who sleep on linen bedding compare the feel to getting a light massage. The reason for this feeling is microscopic breaks throughout the fabric, giving linen its unique texture.


Now that we’ve gone over the benefits, here are some tips on how to care for linen bedding:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, washing/drying instructions can vary based on the stitching or dyes used
  2. Never use bleach or detergent that contains color brighteners, as they can discolor and weaken linen
  3. Hand or machine wash with like colors, use a mild detergent like our Fine Fabrics Detergent, in lukewarm or cold water on a gentle cycle, always be sure to rinse your linen to remove any soapy residue. Do not wash in hot water, as it weakens fibers.
  4. Don’t overload your machine, the more water the better
  5.  To minimize wrinkling, hang-dry on a line or machine tumble dry on a low temperature, remove and fold the sheets promptly when dry. You may iron warm, if desired
  6. Try to remove any stains immediately, HERE is a helpful guide on how to properly remove stains from your bedding.

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