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Snobbish Thoughts February 2013

This Thursday is Public Sleeping Day!

Sleeping Koala, via flickr

Sleeping Koala, via flickr

This Thursday, February 28th, is National Public Sleeping Day! Gothamist has a few suggestions on ways to celebrate the day, including napping on the subway, or getting shuteye at the movies. Or, you could snooze outside like this cuddly koala! We’d love to hear where you’d opt to sleep; share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Cuddledown Product Review of the Week – Diamond Pique Cotton Shams

This weeks review is from a customer in Houston Texas on our Diamond Pique Cotton Shams.

Shop our Cotton Pique Bedding Collection.

Diamond Pique Cotton Shams

Diamond Pique Cotton Shams

I previously purchased the box spring cover, king sized coverlet and shams for standard pillows. I bought the European shams and matching pillow inserts to make my everyday bedding look more like a decorator’s touch. I placed the three European shams against the headboard, gave each a “whack” with my hand to dent each in the top middle, and then placed long king size pillows in a printed linen with smaller pillows in front for a three dimensional look. I finished the look with a throw made of the same printed linen at the bottom of the bed. The combination of the ivory color, the raised diamond pattern of the coverlet and box spring cover contrasted with the printed linen- it looks inviting and more importantly- all washable!

5 stars - star rating

Customer, Houston Texas

Bathroom décor, then and now!

Groovy 1970s tub

Groovy 1970s tub

In 1973, when Cuddledown began, home design trends ranged from the mod with its “Space Age” materials and clean lines, to natural elements such as the ubiquitous woodsy paneling (found everywhere, including the shower!)

Colors were bright and cheerful, with some favorites including orange, yellow, avocado green or earthy tones in shades of copper or brown. To balance the brighter colors, white was used everywhere, from walls to furniture and accessories.

40 years later, design seems to be coming full circle, with bright colors making a comeback and natural materials such as bamboo being used in a wide range of home furnishings. Clean white and stainless streamlined, “space age” shapes are also popular again.

Bath accessories, Cuddledown ship free

Bath accessories from Cuddledown ship free

Although we don’t have wood paneled showers, or neon-colored toilet seats, or for that matter, Tom Jones in our tub, we have some great new bathroom accessories to bring your bathroom up-to-date. And best of all, they ship FREE!

Thinking spring with new Cuddledown essentials!

Harbor Solid Cardigan -

Harbor Solid Cardigan -

Here in Maine, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, which has us thinking about longer days, beachy getaways, and of course, fresh, new apparel! Even if winter is still lingering where you live, now’s the perfect time to brighten up your look and refresh your wardrobe.

In addition to comfy, stylish apparel, like our Harbor Cardigan shown here, we’re excited to introduce our new, exclusive Pima Cotton Essentials Collection. Made from extra soft, superfine Peruvian pima cotton, our briefs, camisoles, tank tops and tee-shirts are breathable for all-day comfort. Plus, the tops are just the right length for tucking in and layering.

We’re also excited to offer new accessories – from bags to watches to sunglasses – to add extra pizzazz to your outfits.

Tell us, how do you plan to refresh your wardrobe for spring? We’d love to read your feedback in the comments section below!

Cuddledown 700 Fill Power White Duck Down Pillow – Review of the Week

This weeks review is from a customer in Maryland, USA on our 700 Fill Power White Duck Down Pillow.

Watch Video Want to see how Cuddledown Pillows are made? Click here to watch a video

700 Fill Power White Duck Down Pillow

700 Fill Power White Duck Down Pillow

I’ve searched for years for a pillow that I could actually enjoy sleeping on. Most pillows I’ve tried lose their shape, become lumpy, or feel hard after awhile. This pillow is by far the best pillow I’ve owned. I’ve only had it about 2-3 weeks, but it has maintained its shape when others would have already been awful. Feather pillows are the best way to go if you want support. I got the overfill and it’s perfect. Anything less would be too soft, and wouldn’t keep shape. I sleep on my stomach to start, and end up on my back, so this pillow is perfect. If it gets to be uncomfortable, I just re-fluff it, and its comfy again. The one downfall is the price, but its worth it if I don’t have to buy another pillow after 6 months.

5 stars - star rating

Customer, Maryland USA

Cuddle undies, then and now!

Underwear then and now from Cuddledown

Cuddledown underwear, then and now!

This year, Cuddledown  has launched a new line of sumptuously soft pima cotton underwear, including briefs, camisoles, tank tops and tee shirts.

To commemorate “Flashback Friday” we thought we’d delve into the catalog archives and share the cotton undies we offered in the mid-1980s. Looking at this ensemble, seems like we were channeling the 1880s!

Did you ever wear bloomers?  Would you? What about a petticoat? And does anyone still wear a slip?  These are the compelling questions that keep us up at night!  :)  Feel free to share your thoughts.

Valentine’s Day tips – do’s and don’ts!

Valentines Day tips - do's and don'ts

Valentines Day tips - do's and don'ts

So tomorrow’s the big V-day. For those who are single, that doesn’t necessarily mean V for victory, or perhaps it does? At least there’s no pressure in trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day present, or activity.

For couples, studies have been done indicating although the traditional gifts of flowers or chocolate are appreciated by some, as it turns out (as shared on MSN’s, most women, and men, would rather receive something else. No big surprises here – men overwhelmingly want electronics. And women, just as overwhelmingly, would love some jewelry. Both indicate they’d love a date night out. In a way, as the article stated, giving your loved one candy, a stuffed animal or helium balloons, is something you might give a child! actually included those traditional gifts, and also, jewelry in a ring-size box that’s not an engagement ring, in their top 10 worst Valentine’s Day gifts!

So whether you’re single, or a couple, one way around this dilemma is to go out, with friends or as a couple, and enjoy the evening! Here in Maine, we’re lucky to have many outrageously delectable places where we can dine, from clam shacks to nationally-acclaimed restaurants. Recently, Bon Appetit magazine posted a list of the top 20 most important restaurants in the U.S. One of Maine’s own, Primo, from Rockland (just up the coast), was included.

Of course another option, especially in colder climates where there are still feet of snow covering the ground, is to stay home, snuggle up with your sweetie in a cozy comforter, or silky smooth sateen sheets, like our customer favorites at Cuddledown!  And if you’re single, just pop in a great movie, (preferably something fun or action-oriented, none of that mushy stuff!)  and enjoy the evening.  It’ll be February 15th soon enough!

Five-minute fixes for your home

Cuddledown throw pillows

Cuddledown decorative throw pillows

Slowly but surely, the days are getting longer as we get closer to spring – which has us thinking about ways we can use those extra few minutes of sunlight. Even if you only have five minutes, there are lots of little things you can do to make your home just a bit cozier.

1. Light a candle. Create instant ambiance simply by lighting a candle. We’re particularly fond of these soothing scents by Caldrea (for other Caldrea products, visit

2. Add throw pillows. Placing a throw pillow or two onto your bed or sofa is an easy way to make your home cozier. If you’re feeling creative, why not repurpose an old sweater and make a pillowcase? You can also find a large selection of throw pillows on our website – and they’re on sale, too!

3. Put up pictures. Hang a few framed photos in your hallway to make your place seem a bit more homey. For easy tips on creating a mini-gallery in your home, check out the ideas on Pinterest!

4. Make a batch of cookies. Although this takes a little longer than five minutes, what could be better than the aroma of homemade baked goods? If you’re in the mood for something chocolatey, Real Simple has a fabulous collection of recipes.

5. Purchase a house plant. Not only do houseplants add a lush accent, they also purify the air, which is especially important during the winter months. Southern Living has great tips on selecting the houseplant that’s right for you.

Tell us, what’s your favorite way to make your home cozier? We’d love to hear in the comments section below!

Cuddledown Unscented Soft Fleece Hot/Cold Therapy Spa Wrap – Review of the Week

This weeks review is from a customer in Beverly Hills, CA on our Unscented Soft Fleece Hot/Cold Therapy Spa Wrap

Unscented Soft Fleece Hot/Cold Therapy Spa Wrap

Unscented Soft Fleece Hot/Cold Therapy Spa Wrap

I have chronic pain and have tried various heat and cold therapies. This product is safe to use and is the perfect size to address my specific pain areas–lower back and neck. The price is right; I love it!

5 stars - star rating

Customer, Beverly Hills CA, USA

Blizzard Nemo of 2013 – how to stay warm and cozy

Blizzard of 1969

Blizzard of 1969

Here in Maine, while hunkering down waiting to see just how much snow this blizzard will bring, we thought we’d take a look back since it’s “Flashback Friday”!

Over recent decades, we can count the number of times we’ve had over 2 feet of snow in a single storm on one hand. The famous blizzard of 1978 that buried parts of New England with up to 4 feet of snow only resulted in around a foot of snow in Maine. However, the following year, in January 1979, Portland ended up with around 27 inches of snow. Ten years prior to that, in February of 1969 a snowstorm lasted for nearly 100 hours, resulting 27 inches in the city.

The current storm, oddly named “Nemo” by the Weather Channel, has had forecasts of anything from 18″ to as much as 30″ of snow, with most experts predicting around 20″ of the white stuff.  We’ll have to wait and see if we hit the magic 2 foot level!  In the meantime, like most of New England, we’ve battened down the hatches and are holed up in our homes staying safe and warm.

Down Comforter from CuddledownAt Cuddledown, we’re particularly lucky as our employees get special discounts, so virtually everyone has at least one, if not several cozy Cuddledown comforters to snuggle under. And for everyone else, while stuck indoors, you can go online and shop our heavenly warm down or synthetic comforters, which are on sale until Monday!

We hope that everyone stays safe, warm and cozy!



How to create your own spa getaway

Lavender Scented Luxury Spa Neck Pillow

Lavender Scented Luxury Spa Neck Pillow

The New England weather forecast for the end of this week is almost unbearable (right now anywhere from 15-40″ of snow… yes, really…). It’s enough to make you want to run for the nearest plane heading for somewhere warm and tropical – preferably a luxurious oceanfront spa!  Then reality enters …  But don’t despair – we’re happy to share a great solution – with some clever planning, you can create your own spa experience in the comfort of your own home! The blog MindBodyGreen even shares ideas on how to turn your shower into a spa!

Some tips for re-creating that sensational spa-like experience include:

Keep it organized/make it nice – you can get rid of bathroom clutter with some attractive, yet functional bathroom organizers.

Get organically clean - use organic, aromatic cleansers for your room as well as for your skin. For healthy, soothing cleanliness, one great brand we’ve discovered is Caldrea.

Wrap yourself in soft, fluffy goodness - there’s a reason our customers love our bamboo towels, they’re absorbent and made from environmentally sustainable materials. And après shower, envelop yourself in a big, fluffy spa robe!

Ease your body and mind – if you don’t have time for a nice, hot shower, just take 5 minutes to relax with a microwavable lavender spa wrap – it releases tension and soothes sore muscles, and allows you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Cuddledown Spa products 1987

Cuddledown Spa products 1987

At Cuddledown, we can appreciate the spa experience, we’ve been doing this for at least 25 years. Check out our catalog page from 1987!




How to care for your down comforters and pillows

If you’ve been getting a lot of use out of your down comforters and pillows this winter (we sure have!), you might be wondering how to freshen them up. Luckily, caring for down comforters and pillows is literally a breeze – see how easy it is in the video below!

Or, if you’re looking to purchase a new comforter, don’t miss your chance to save during our annual comforter sale, ending next week!

Cuddledown Lauren Moisture Wicking Pajama – Review of the Week

This weeks review is from a customer in Kansas, USA on Cuddledown Lauren Moisture Wicking Pajama

Lauren Moisture Wicking Pajama

Lauren Moisture Wicking Pajama

I used to wake up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty, so I thought I’d give these PJs a try. They control the temperature fluctuations very well and do exactly what they say they do. They’re also really well made and beautiful. I love these pajamas so much I’m ordering the nightshirt as well. They fit true to size too.

5 stars - star rating

Customer, Kansas USA

40 x 40 – First Friday special at Cuddledown!

First Friday_February_Shiloh PJs

Cuddledown Pima PJs - as seen on TV's "The Doctors"

This year we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary, so we decided to let you celebrate too!
On the first Friday of every month, we’re offering one special Cuddledown item at 40% off! But, it’s only good for 40 hours, so act fast and you can celebrate along with us!

This month’s First Friday 40 deal is for our super comfy, pure Peruvian Pima PJs – recently seen on TV’s “The Doctors!”  Grab this deal while you can, and start the month out right with a great night’s sleep!

Another fun 40 year fact – in the first week of February, 1973, the Billboard Top 100 #1 song was Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”!

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