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How often should you replace your pillows?

September 17, 2012 by

It’s easy to get attached to pillows. After all, when you find one you like, it can mean the difference between sleeplessness and perfect slumber. However, pillows don’t last forever, and if you can’t remember the last time you got a new one, it’s probably time for a replacement.

If you suffer from allergies, keeping pillows as clean as possible is especially important. Although washing pillowcases once a week in warm water certainly makes a difference, skin cells (and subsequently, dust mites) can still get into pillows. Experts recommend that allergy sufferers, and anyone wanting to prolong the life of their pillows, use pillow protectors. At Cuddledown, we offer pillow protectors that are specifically designed to keep out dust mites to alleviate allergies.

Even if you’re not an allergy sufferer, or you wash your pillows regularly, they tend to get lumpy after years of use. They also lose their support, thus making you susceptible to neck pain. Old pillows can even affect the alignment of your spine, causing headaches.

So, how often should you replace your pillow? Some experts recommend replacing pillows as frequently as every 1-2 years. Others advocate swapping them out every 3 years. A great way to see if your pillow should be replaced is to do the fold test, as shown in the video below. If your pillow doesn’t pass, now’s a great time to shop for a replacement. All Cuddledown pillows are on sale – but hurry, the sale ends soon!

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