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Snobbish Thoughts October 2011

Cuddledown babies’ Halloween visit!

It’s that time of year – goblins and ghouls, and… adorable little kids asking for sweeties!

At Cuddledown, we had some family members visit today and spread some Halloween cheer in their cute costumes. From sweet little bugs to a fierce pirate lad (complete with foam sword), they came, they conquered, they left (with plenty of pirate booty!)

Eric and Pete (Bumblebee)

Eric and Pete (Bumblebee)

Coen (Pirate Lad), Mila (wee Punkin) and Laura

Koen (Pirate Lad), Mila (wee Punkin) and Laura

Katia (Ladybug) and Bob

Katia (Ladybug) and Bob

Making the Most of Unused Space in the Home

With the forecast calling for snow in many parts of the Northeast this weekend, we got to thinking about the long winter months ahead. Winter in Maine is a season where you can certainly spend time outdoors snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice-skating, and enjoying many other fun activities that help to ease the stir crazies, but it is also inevitably a season where most of us spend a lot more time indoors. As anyone who has lived in a cold climate can testify, one side effect of this is that what felt like a perfectly spacious, accommodating home in the warmer months can begin to feel a little cramped.

When it seems like all your storage space is full, why not get creative with those small, under-utilized nooks and crannies? We looked around the web with this in mind, and found several very clever ideas for creating “new” and useful space in your home. Some of our favorites are below.

Stair to top floor from right.

Stair to top floor from right. by Ctd 2005, on Flickr

Building a neat chest of drawers directly into the stairs is a fantastic way to make this tight space useful.

Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs by norwichnuts, on Flickr

For those with an open staircase, a cozy little under-the-stairs nook is perfect for curling up with a book.

Basement Office

Basement Office by AdamSelwood, on Flickr

It may not be enough space for everyone, but this compact computer station built into a wardrobe tucked away in the basement would be ideal for a small home office.

The closet office in use

The closet office in use by Lord Rex, on Flickr

Another great idea for a small home office – if you have a closet to spare, an “office closet” is a relatively easy space to create – you just need a desk, some shelves, lighting, and a comfortable chair!

Finished Product

Finished Product by Sh4rp_i, on Flickr

Why limit drawers to your dresser or closet? Typically home to the dust bunnies, that space under your bed is perfect for stowing away excess clothing.

kitchen storage

kitchen storage by Drew Fansler, on Flickr

For those with small kitchens, the best way to maximize space is to hang as many things as possible! Pots and pants are easily accessible and free up valuable cabinet space for other items.

There are so many clever ways to utilize those tiny, oft-ignored nooks in the home, but sometimes there just isn’t much space, period. When it comes to simply fitting everything your family needs into a teeny living space, we have to say that this 180 square foot home to a family of four in California is the winner in our book for “most impressive use of a small space”!

How do you maximize space in your home? We’d love to hear from you!

Quick Decor Tips for Halloween

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is Coming! by Sister72, on Flickr

It’s hard to believe, but the end of October is just around the corner. True, we are a little sad at the approach of cold weather, but the end of October also brings Halloween fun. While it is a holiday typically focused around candy and adorable little outfits, Halloween also gives us adults a great reason to decorate our homes!

We combed the web for inspiration, and stumbled across a great article on Martha Stewart’s website, “Indoor Halloween Decorations.”

If you are pressed for time, but want to dress your home up for Halloween, why not try making your own “spiderwebs” out of cheesecloth?


spider by tiffa130, on Flickr

Or, if you want the classic jack-o-lantern look without all the messy scooping and carving, whip out a sharpie and put your artistic skills to work!

spooOOooky halloween pumpkins

spooOOooky halloween pumpkins by striatic, on Flickr

If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, no need to worry! Pumpkins come in a gorgeous array of shapes and colors – they make for the ideal Halloween decor piece without any work at all.

Pumpkin Patch Fieldtrip

Pumpkin Patch Fieldtrip by miamism, on Flickr

And of course, the very best part of buying pumpkins is that you can always pick up a few extras for one of our favorite treats – pumpkin cupcakes! They not only look beautiful, but are delicious and somewhat nutritious to boot. But whether you end up sticking a few pumpkins on your porch, or go all out with elaborate decorations, Halloween is a time for fun, food, and laughter. We hope that you enjoy yours however you choose to spend it!

pumpkin spice cupcakes

pumpkin spice cupcakes by shimelle, on Flickr

Apple Picking Season is Here!

Though it’s rainy, dreary, and chilly here in Maine today, this weekend is looking crisp and bright – the perfect weather for apple picking! To brighten up your Wednesday (and ours!), we thought we’d post a few fall apple orchard photos – enjoy!

apple picking by erin & camera, on flickr

apple picking by erin & camera, on flickr

Here is a picture from an orchard in Maine!

Apple-picking by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

Apple-picking by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

Apple Tree by Svenstorm, on flickr

Apple Tree by Svenstorm, on flickr

Apple-picking by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

Apple-picking by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

apple picking 3 by ndrwfgg, on flickr

apple picking 3 by ndrwfgg, on flickr

Apples! by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

Apples! by Chewonki Semester School, on flickr

apple picking by erin & camera, on flickr

apple picking by erin & camera, on flickr


U.S.-made Ramblers Way superfine wool comfortwear is 20% off!

Don’t miss our sale at 20% off from October 17-19, on Ramblers Way apparel.

Ramblers Way Jewel Neck Tee Shirt

Ramblers Way Jewel Neck Tee Shirt

This clothing is some of the finest, lightweight and most comfortable wool apparel you’ll ever have the pleasure to wear – and it’s entirely American-made!

Starting with superfine wool from Rambouillet sheep bred and raised in Maine and the western US, the wool is processed in the Carolinas, sewn in Massachusetts and finished with natural dyes in Maine, so every step is made right here in the US!

And best of all, the 18.5 micron wool is spun so fine, you really aren’t aware what you’re wearing is in fact, wool – it’s just that soft, lightweight and breathable.


Made in the USA – Ramblers Way and Cuddledown

At Cuddledown, we are thrilled to partner with Ramblers Way, which produces Ramblers Way Farm-logosuperfine wool comfortwear entirely made in the USA. Ramblers Way’s owners Tom and Kate Chappell (former owners of Tom’s of Maine), selected Cuddledown to be their exclusive online retailer because as Tom Chappell said, “We are proud to partner with a company making products here in Maine which shares many of the same values we do.”

Ramblers Way Hoodie worn by Tom Chappell

Ramblers Way Hoodie worn by Tom Chappell

“We were pleased when Tom approached us,” said Cuddledown President Chris Bradley. “The Ramblers Way collection is all about comfort and quality, and those are precisely the things our customers love about Cuddledown products. The luxurious feeling, yet easy-care fabric, plus the understated stylishness of the apparel’s design make Ramblers Way a great fit for our apparel line.”

Ramblers Way’s products are available online at and some are also offered through our Cuddledown retail store located in Freeport, Maine.

The Chappells’ comfortwear garments are grown and sewn in the USA from superfine wool from Rambouillet sheep on their farm in Kennebunk, Maine as well as wool from their partner farms in the western US.  The 18.5 micron wool is spun so fine, you really aren’t aware what you’re wearing is in fact, wool – it’s just that soft, lightweight and breathable.

Lambs_Ramblers Way Farm

Lambs_Ramblers Way Farm

Ramblers Way’s devotion to sustainability and the environment extends to the very colors they use in their comfortwear garments. The rich colors are developed from the dried extracts of plants, like indigo, red madder, osage, logwood and pomegranate. The process of using these dyes requires hands-on, artisan care and results in a truly unique piece of clothing. It’s beautiful, colorfast, and easy on the environment.

Quality, sustainability and made in the USA – the three words Tom Chappell uses to describe his products, perfectly illustrate the collaboration between Cuddledown and Ramblers Way.



Team Cuddledown Raises $17k+ and team leader Nina Brown meets Patrick Dempsey in person!

Dempsey 2011_Team Cuddledown and Phill Power

Dempsey 2011_Team Cuddledown and "Phill Power"

Just a quick update on Cuddledown’s 2011 Dempsey Challenge.  As discussed in our previous post, the Cuddledown team, with more than 53 employees, family members and friends, walked, ran and biked, ultimately raising more than $17,000 to support the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing (founded by Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame).

Not only did the team get to see “McDreamy” during the race, but our fearless team leader, Nina Brown, whose husband Chris was the inspiration for our team this year, got to meet Patrick Dempsey up close and in person at the invite-only Champions for Hope dinner, held during the Challenge weekend.  We thought we’d share some photos from the event.  And yes, according to Nina, he sure is dreamy … and a very nice person as well!

Nina Houghton w Patrick Dempsey 2011

Nina Houghton w Patrick Dempsey

Dempsey 2011_Patrick Dempsey biking

Patrick Dempsey biking

Dempsey 2011_Cuddledown team member Mary Noyes riding Chris Brown's bike

Cuddledown team member Mary Noyes riding Chris Brown's bike

Dempsey 2011_team shirt - Don't Let Cancer Drag On

Dempsey 2011_team shirt - Don't Let Cancer Drag On

Dempsey 2011_Phill Power and fans

Dempsey 2011_"Phill Power" and fans

Dempsey 2011_Cuddledown team walking

Dempsey 2011_Cuddledown team walking

Get Crafty and Perk Up Your Pillow!

Button Pillow, Country Living Magazine

Button Pillow, Country Living Magazine

Looking for a fun way to add character to your bedroom or living room? Why not try a simple DIY project, courtesy of Country Living (and featuring Cuddledown’s Synthetic fill 15″ round pillow and Cotton Twill Pillow Cover)!

Here are the instructions from Country Living:

Center a 12-inch dinner plate facedown on the empty cotton twill pillow cover; using a pencil, trace the shape. Within that circle, repeat with a 9-inch salad plate. Using a ruler and chalk, divide and mark the inner circle into equal quarters. Within each quarter, center a 2½-inch diameter juice glass; using a pencil, trace the shape. Trace over all six pencil-marked circles with a red, chisel-tip fabric marker. Let dry for two minutes, then slide the pillow insert inside the case. Run a long needle threaded with embroidery floss through the center of each of the four small circles twice, to create tufting. Securely knot the floss on the pillow’s back side; clip excess and dust off chalk marks.

How cute is that?! Tell us, how do you revitalize your home decor? We’d love to hear!

BIG News! 40% OFF Fall Apparel – This Weekend Only!

Psst … if you haven’t heard yet, we’re having a BIG apparel sale this weekend on, with 40% off select items, including Lilla P and Miraclebody® leggings!

Lilla P Cotton/Cashmere Cardigan

Lilla P Cotton/Cashmere Cardigan

Now’s your chance to save on chic, cozy wardrobe essentials for fall, like the Lilla P Cotton/Cashmere Cardigan, and the Lilla P Cotton Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck, just to name a couple. The full selection can be found on But hurry, this sale ends Sunday, October 9th – don’t miss your chance to save!

“Phill Power” to run with Cuddledown’s team in Dempsey Challenge!

Phill Power, Cuddledown's Running Pillow Man

Phill Power, Cuddledown's Running Pillow Man

For the past two years, we here at Cuddledown have participated in the Dempsey Challenge to support the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing (founded by Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” fame). But this year, inspired by our colleague Nina, we’ve raised more than $15,000, putting our team in 4thplace overall for fundraising as well as for number of team members! And as an added bonus, as part of our team, Cuddledown’s very own “Phill Power,” the Running Pillow Man, will be racing in the 10K race on Saturday, October 8! As team members and competitors have said, “Don’t be fooled by his fluffy appearance; this pillow is fast!” He actually clocked in 12th overall in the recent Freeport 5K. (for more about Phill, read our previous post!)

At Cuddledown, many employees here have been touched in some way by cancer, and felt that the Dempsey Challenge was a great way to support those fighting this horrible disease. Earlier this year the Cuddledown family was saddened by the untimely death of their inventory buyer Nina Brown’s husband Chris, and was inspired to raise even more money for this year’s Dempsey Challenge.

Dempsey Challenge 2010 L-R, Jacob Sargent, Chris Bradley, Chris Brown

Dempsey Challenge 2010 L-R, Jacob Sargent, Chris Bradley, Chris Brown

As members of Cuddledown’s team, both Nina and Chris had participated in last year’s Challenge, even while Chris was fighting the disease – he rode his beloved bike 25 miles, while Nina walked the 10k. She said later in a letter thanking the Dempsey Challenge, “I know it was truly a moment of great personal triumph to him to cross that finish line and say ‘You can’t stop me’ to cancer…It’s a wonderful thing that even before the fundraising, you are helping patients with cancer triumph over the disease.”

This year’s Cuddledown team, made up of 53 employees, their families and friends, ranked 4th for the most team members and for most money raised, an amount totaling $15,200 (as of 10/6). Nina is gratified at the tremendous response from her colleagues and friends, and although it’s tinged with a note of sorrow, she looks forward to this weekend’s events, knowing that her efforts in bringing the team together, will be instrumental in helping others with their battle against cancer.

Chilly feet? Treat them to cozy UGG® slippers!

It’s official: slipper season has arrived here in Maine. I found myself reaching for my slippers this past weekend … and last night … and this morning when getting out of bed! If your feet are also feeling a tad on the cool side, we have just the thing to warm them right up.

UGG® Women's Ansley Slipper

UGG® Women's Ansley Slipper

With their super soft suede uppers, these men’s and women’s moccasin-style UGG® slippers are both cozy and durable. Plus, they are lined a with genuine sheepskin lining that wicks away moisture so your feet will stay perfectly comfortable. They also have a molded rubber outsole, so you won’t need to switch shoes when grabbing the morning paper.

UGG® Women's Scuffette Slippers

UGG® Women's Scuffette Slippers

Or, if scuffs are more your style, the Men’s Scuff and Women’s Scuffette, also by UGG®, are warm and easy to slip on. Made with supple suede uppers, plush sheepskin linings, and molded rubber outsoles, these scuffs are ideal for brisk mornings (they also make great holiday gifts, if you’re starting to plan ahead)!

Fall Colors for Your Home

Fall is the perfect time of year to introduce rich tones into your home decor. Whether your style is bright and bold, cool and subdued, or dark and earthy, the fall palate has a place in your home! Some people prefer to craft their own DIY decor, like a lovely fall wreath to hang on the front door, while others take the faster route of simply arranging fall squash and pumpkins on the mantel, but we in the world of bedding like to mix it up by trying out fall colors in our sleeping quarters.

While changing your bedding with the seasons is a necessity for those of us who live in colder climates, it also makes for a great excuse to give your bedroom a fresh new look! Just for fun, we went on a search for seasonal photos that coordinate with several of our favorite new bedding sets; Italian Sateen Maharaja Bedding, Cotton Sateen Wisteria Bedding, and Highland Flannel Bedding.

If you love to decorate your home for fall, and have your own decor tips, please share them with us!

Fall Colors

Maharaja Bedding


Fall by modomatic, on Flickr

Fall Woodland Colors

Wisteria Bedding

Fall Escapes

Fall Escapes by Appalachian Encounters, on Flickr

Highland Flannel

Highland Flannel Bedding

Autumn sky in Novosibirsk

Autumn sky in Novosibirsk by mksystem, on Flickr

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