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Apps and devices made to help you sleep- good or bad?

Photo: "Sleeptime" by Kengo via Flickr

Have you ever monitored the light, sounds and movements that occur while you sleep? It sounds like something you’d see in a lab with scientists conducting research, but with today’s technology, we can now do all of that at home with easily obtainable apps and other devices. These range from apps you can download for free to masks that sell for a few hundred dollars.

Although these technologies aim to help you get a better night’s sleep, can some of them actually cause more harm than good? The newly developed sleep tracker from Sense, for example, monitors light, sounds and movement while you sleep and then provides a sleep score while also charting previous ones. Focusing on these grade-like scores, however, might just add another item to your list of things to stress about. Other devices go as far as monitoring your muscle tension, eye movements and brain activity. The NeuroOn does this while encouraging a 20 minute nap every four hours instead of the 7-8 hours that most sleep experts recommend.

Outside of supervised labs conducting research, do we really need all of these sleep devices? Recently, a smartphone caught fire when it slipped under the sleeper’s pillow and overheated. Since sleep apps require placing the smartphone near your pillow, it’s something to keep in mind. Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be stressful or dangerous!

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