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Snobbish Thoughts April 2012

Select Ramblers Way apparel is now 30% off!

Don’t miss your chance to save on select Ramblers Way apparel  – now 30% off!

Ramblers Way Women's Superfine Wool Hoodie

Ramblers Way Women's Superfine Wool Hoodie

Superfine, lightweight, and incredibly soft, this is some of the most comfortable apparel around – no wonder it has earned the name “comfortwear!”

Plus, these garments are made entirely in the U.S. The process begins with superfine wool from Rambouillet sheep that are bred and raised in Maine and the western US. The wool is then processed in the Carolinas, sewn in Massachusetts and finished with natural dyes in Maine for American made clothing from start to finish.

Best of all, the 18.5 micron wool is finely spun for itch-free, breathable comfort (if we didn’t tell you, you might not even guess that it’s wool)!

Lilla P’s Pauline Nakios featured in fashion blog “Exposed Zippers”!

Pauline Nakios, creator of Lilla P. apparel

Pauline Nakios, creator of Lilla P. apparel

We love Lilla P. and Pauline Nakios, the apparel line’s talented creator.  We were thrilled to see her featured in the fashion blog “Exposed Zippers.”

Classy yet supremely comfortable, Pauline’s Lilla P. clothing is the best of both worlds! And, we offer it exclusively in our catalog, and also sell it on our website. Come check out some of Pauline’s great new Lilla P. items for spring!

8278 Lilla P boatneck top

8278 Lilla P Boatneck Top

8277_Lilla P Gathered V-neck Top

8277_Lilla P Gathered V-neck Top

Our Birthday Present To You – 20% Off at

Cuddledown Birthday Cake

It’s our birthday today – but we want you to have the present! To celebrate 39 years of manufacturing fine home fashion, we are offering 20% off everything at (including sale merchandise.)

Come celebrate our birthday with us – but hurry, the discount and your savings end tonight at midnight PST – 4/26/12! Simply click this link to shop our birthday sale now.

*Please note that this discount applies only to orders placed on our website 4/26/12 until midnight PST. This discount offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Discount is applied at an item level. The discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges, taxes, monogramming or gift services fees. Not applicable to previous purchases.

Portland named one of America’s Greenest Cities

Portland, ME by kimberlykv on Flickr

Portland, ME by kimberlykv on Flickr

We were excited to learn that Portland was recently named as one of America’s greenest cities by Travel + Leisure Magazine! Cited as having “farm-to-table restaurants, homegrown microbrews, and all that lobster,” going green is a way of life in Portland. In addition, voters picked Portland as the best city to visit in the summer, as it’s a great time to check out the Old Port, take a boat ride, or visit Portland’s famous farmers’ market. So, it’s no wonder why Maine has earned the slogan “Vacationland!”

Portland, Maine by Zach Boyce

Portland, Maine by Zach Boyce

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Maine in the near future, check out our Employee Favorites page for the inside scoop on the very best around! From fine dining to relaxing resorts, you’ll find just the right places to make your stay a memorable one.

We’ve also compiled more of our favorite Maine places on Pinterest. Come join us on this fun online pinboard where you can share your favorite discoveries, find inspiration, and help us grow our boards!


Celebrating Earth Day with free shipping on eco-friendly products!

Tree Swing, by Otto Phokus, on Flickr

Tree Swing, by Otto Phokus, on Flickr

Happy Earth Day! Whether you’re celebrating by using reusable grocery bags at the store or planting a tree in your backyard, Earth Day is a great chance for us all to give back and be eco-friendly.

To celebrate, we’re giving away four of our luxurious, extra absorbent bamboo towels! Simply visit our Facebook page and tell us what you’re doing to celebrate Earth Day. Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 23.

We’re also offering free shipping on all orders containing organic, eco-friendly, and certified safe products! Simply click the link to access the promotion.

Cuddledown employees do some spring cleaning for Earth Day!

Cuddledown employees clean up for Earth Day 2012

Cuddledown employees clean up for Earth Day 2012

Even though it was the Friday prior to Earth Day 2012, Cuddledown’s employees decided to do some spring cleaning in the parking lots and yards surrounding the company. One manufacturing employee even decided to make use of one of our “downproof” clean suits  :)  and Cory, one of our fellow Bedding Snob blog posters from the web team got so far into the underbrush, we were afraid we’d lose him!

We’ve posted a couple images here for your enjoyment and more on Facebook as well (including a random one of a froggie that somehow got lost in our parking lot – luckily made it back to the marsh ok)!

We also want to take a moment to alert you to a promotion and a great new post from Practically Green that will appear tomorrow in celebration of the actual Earth Day 2012!  Help us celebrate by doing something earth-friendly!


Ramblers Way shares Earth Day thoughts!

We’re excited to introduce Chris Chappell of Ramblers Way, who is our guest blogger today! Founded by Tom and Kate Chappell (Chris’ parents), Ramblers Way fine wool apparel is made entirely in the USA from start to finish. Not only that, but Ramblers Way comfortwear is also produced sustainably using all-natural dyes. So, with Earth Day just around the corner, what better time to learn just what makes wool so special – and eco-friendly!

Tom Chappell in a Ramblers Way hoodie

Tom Chappell in a Ramblers Way hoodie

The Seven Things I Learned About Wool… From My Dad

My Dad is a hands-on man. His Dad was a hands-on man who managed textile mills throughout the East Coast. Growing up in Maine we spent a lot of time outside in the cold winters or in the hot and humid summers.  I always had hand-me downs and certain sweaters became favorites, just as comforting as a stuffed animal.  We had a farm too, with lots of chickens, pigs, etc. and a big garden.  Over time he taught me a lot about natural, sustainable living as well as some finer things in life, including wool. Given that we’re leading into Earth Day, I thought I would pick one topic that I think is often misunderstood and I want to share it with you… it’s WOOL.

1. Wool is not always itchy! Well, it used to be when I was a kid with my favorite wool sweater.  But, with superfine worsted yarn put into your wool clothes it’s not… at all.

2. Wool is sustainable and it’s natural. Synthetics don’t stand the same test of time and can acquire a stink that never comes out.

3. There are different kinds of wool. I know the most about Rambouillet wool because of my Dad’s farming interests. It is a long fiber wool that has elasticity which you won’t get from short fiber wool used to make woolen yarns. We use worsted yarns made from these long, harder to get fibers, spun parallel so no ends stick out and itch you.

4. Wool is warm. No… it’s cool. No, it’s warm. WAIT, it’s both! It lets the body’s natural cooling system work better – just like a sheep’s does.

5. It doesn’t smell, it’s naturally odor resistant due to it being a protein fiber which wicks moisture verses a cellulose fiber like cotton that attracts moisture.

6. Wool breathes. Yes, it breathes. There are a lot of tech fabrics out there but wool has never changed its ability to acclimate to the temperature.

7. It’s pure and natural from start to finish. Think about it, when you shear wool, it’s like harvesting a crop… grown by nature, renewable and sustainable.

It really is the perfect fabric… It’s simple. It’s sophisticated. It’s luxurious. AND, it’s comfortable, it regulates temperature, it travels well because it’s lightweight, doesn’t wrinkle and keeps its shape, and you know what? It looks good too!

I’m hoping that I might have taught you something more today, like my Dad taught me. If so, don’t keep it to yourself, pass it on!

Cuddledown’s Synthetic Luxury Support Pillow – Product Review of the Week

Synthetic Luxury Support Pillow at

Synthetic Luxury Support Pillow at

You’ll spend more than one-third of your life in bed sleeping or trying to get to sleep, so it’s important that you use the right pillow. We’re happy to hear that our Synthetic Luxury Support Pillow helped this customer get the quality sleep she deserves.

I can sleep again ~ from a customer in Lansdale, PA
All of a sudden NONE of the pillows I owned was comfortable. I sleep on my back and sides and this pillow works wonderfully. I am able to go to sleep now and no tossing and turning trying to get a bad pillow to work! Also love the fact that it is made in America. I am trying to be more aware of that so I can help put my fellow Americans back to work.

Congratulations to the 2012 Boston Marathon Winners!

Boston Marathon 2012

Photo courtesy of Yoon Byun/Boston Globe staff

to the winners of the 2012 Boston Marathon – and to all who participated! We’re so inspired by the performances of these amazing athletes, especially considering today’s unusually high temperatures.

Top finishers:

  • Women’s: Sharon Cherop of Kenya, 2:31:50
  • Men’s: Wesley Korir of Kenya, 2:12:40
  • Women’s Wheelchair Race: Shirley Reilly of the USA, 1:37:36
  • Men’s Wheelchair Race: Joshua Cassidy of Canada, 1:18:25

A special congrats to Maine’s own Sheri Piers, who clocked in first for the USA in the women’s race with her 10th place finish!

Get the full scoop on the Boston Marathon 2012 Results at

Why Can’t Southerners Sleep at Night?

Sleepless in the South

Sleepless in the South

A recent study by The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine indicates that people in the South seem to be prone to sleeplessness, with Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia ranked as the very worst states in the country for sleep.

So what makes these states different from the rest? Well, according to Fox Business News, “Three of the states have the absolute highest obesity rates in the country, and the other three are in the top 12.”

In addition, the study found that, “All six states with the worst sleep are also among the top 11 states with the highest smoking rates among adults.” Smoking is known to have many health risks, and one of these is an increased risk of significant sleep disturbances due to the stimulating effects of nicotine and the “mild withdrawal” smokers’ bodies go through during the night.

Healthy lifestyles are a work in progress all across the United States, and these states are no exception, with programs such as the West Virginia Office of Healthy Lifestyles, the nonprofit Alabama Action for Healthy Kids program, Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, The University of Missouri Healthy Lifestyle Initiative, Motivating Mississippi, and a new law in Oklahoma that may open up the use of “gyms, playgrounds, tracks and athletic fields” at neighborhood schools “for public use as part of a new law to promote more active lifestyles for Oklahomans.”

We hope all these initiatives towards healthier lifestyles help them get a little more shut-eye at night in addition to all the other health benefits to be had! While we like to think that a cuddly, cozy bed stocked with fluffy pillows, soft sheets, and a nice down comforter is all you need for a good night’s sleep, sadly it is not always enough! Still, a comfortable bed seems like a great incentive to stay in bed longer – and based on these articles, it seems that perhaps prioritizing sleep is a good first step to take towards a healthier lifestyle.

What do you think? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

Cuddledown’s Centurion Towels – Product Review of the Week!

Centurion Towels at

Centurion Turkish Towels at

Have you ever received a compliment that makes you blush? Here’s ours…please tell us yours.

The towels that dreams are made on
from a customer in Rural Southwest Wisconsin
My “beef” these days is that so many products are downgraded in quality because the manufacturer is more concerned about losing the “mass market” share because they will have to increase prices in order to maintain quality. I say, go ahead and charge what it costs to keep your quality and make a profit. Yes, these towels are pricey, but a perfect example of “you get what you pay for.”

Thick and absorbent on both sides, cheerful colors, no “pilling” or lint from washing. There’s nothing negative to say about these towels. My only wish is that there were shower curtains and toilet-lid covers to match. You can certainly buy these towels with confidence that they’ll exceed your expectations, especially if you didn’t grow up in the late 1950s and 60s when such quality was commonplace.


Did the bunny deliver? If not, pummel him with a pillow!

Easter Bunny Pillow FIght

Easter Bunny Pillow FIght

We know Easter isn’t all about the chocolate, but try telling that to a three-year-old!  In celebration of the child in us all, as well as International Pillow Fight Day, we’re giving away four fine Cuddledown pillows!

Simply visit our Facebook page and comment on the images we’re posting.  Winners will be drawn Tuesday April 10th!

And if you’re worried that the odds aren’t in your favor for winning a free pillow, you can still experience the joy of a brand new pillow!  All of our Cuddledown pillows are 25% off through Monday, April 9!  Click the link to save!

Purchase your “weapon”… for International Pillow Fight Day – now 25% off!

International Pillow Fight DayHave you ever wanted to just grab a pillow and wallop somebody – perhaps your irritating little sister, or co-worker, an annoying celebrity, or even the Easter Bunny who didn’t deliver the chocolate?? Not that we advocate violence, but pillow fights can be fun!  Especially with a soft, fluffy pillow from Cuddledown!

This Saturday, April 7, is International Pillow Fight Day! To celebrate, starting today through Monday, April 9, all Cuddledown pillows are 25% off!  So purchase a brand new pillow, and free up your old one to use for some proper pillow punishment!

Angelina's leg - being walloped by a pillow!

Annoying celebrity being walloped by a pillow!

Also, go check out our Facebook page for the potential to win a Cuddledown pillow simply by commenting on images we’ll be posting today and over the next three days!

Let the games begin!!

Simple ways to beat fatigue

If you’re feeling tired or run down, it’s possible that lack of sleep isn’t the only culprit. Instead of reaching for that second (or third!) cup of coffee, why not try out these handy tips, courtesy of the Today Show!

Glass of Water by Greg Riegler Photography, on Flickr

Glass of Water by Greg Riegler Photography, on Flickr

Have a glass of water Surprisingly, dehydration is a common cause of fatigue. As described in Psychology Today, dehydration reduces blood flow to organs, leaving you feeling dozy. So, try drinking a glass of water if you’re having trouble concentrating or find yourself craving a nap.

Switch up your workout  As mentioned in a previous blog post, working out before bedtime can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Particularly for women, prolonged exercise (running daily for over 30 minutes per session) can also lead to fatigue, as cortisol levels are raised. To combat this, incorporate interval training into your workouts. By mixing intense bursts of activity with weight training, you’ll feel more energized. Plus, cross training helps to build strength and cut down on injuries, so why not do it!

Check your iron levels  Iron deficiencies can also be a cause of fatigue. Iron is needed to bring oxygen to the brain, so without enough oxygen, you’ll begin to feel fuzzy. If you think you need to up your iron levels, try eating more spinach, lean red meat, beans, or raisins. Or, have your iron levels checked out by your doctor.

What are your tips for beating fatigue and staying energized? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comments section below!

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