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Snobbish Thoughts November 2011

How to freshen up your decor in a snap!

As we’re now in the thick of the holiday season (hooray!), we’re starting to think about ways to put a fresh, festive spin on our home decor. In looking for simple solutions, we found a way to change the look of a room in less time than it takes to string up lights! For a quick and stylish fix, why not swap out your curtains?

curtain by ralphunden

curtain by ralphunden, on flickr

Though they’re sometimes overlooked, curtains really do add quite a bit of personality to a room. Looking to brighten up a small or dark space? Colorful curtains like the ones below are sure to perk it right up.

moving colored curtains by independentman

moving colored curtains by independentman, on flickr

If you’re a fan of natural light, sheer or lightweight curtains that let in the sunlight are an ideal choice.

curtains by stvcr

curtains by stvcr, on flickr

Or, if you prefer a nice, dark room for sleeping, why not try heavier curtains? Light blocking, energy efficient curtains are great for creating a perfectly cozy sleeping environment, plus, they can help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

curtain by Nick J Webb

curtain by Nick J Webb, on flickr

Tell us, do you rotate your curtains?

Cyber Monday Sale – Save $25 or $50 Off!

Cyber Monday Sale icon

It is the grand finale to our Black Friday weekend fun! Shop today to save $25 off an order of $125 or more, or $50 off an order of $250 or more. Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!

Discount is based off of total value of products. Discount applies only to orders placed on our website 11/28/11 until midnight PST. This discount offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Discount is applied at an order level. The discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges, taxes, monogramming or gift services fees. Not applicable to previous purchases.

Free Shipping All Day Today!

Free Shipping at icon

Surprise! We’ve extended our Black Friday weekend fun another day – enjoy Free Standard Shipping all day today at!

*Free Shipping is UPS Standard Ground shipping. Promotion applies only to orders placed on our website 11-27-11 until midnight PST. Orders containing furniture, mattresses, rugs, wall art, featherbeds, mattress pads and toppers do not qualify for this free shipping offer. Not applicable to previous purchases. Free Shipping will be displayed on cart.

Black Friday Sale – Extended One More Day!

Black Friday Sale icon - sale extended one more day

Need we say more? Happy shopping, everyone!

*Discount applies only to orders placed on our website 11/26/11 until midnight PST. This discount offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Discount is applied at an item level. The discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges, taxes, monogramming or gift services fees. Not applicable to previous purchases.

Black Friday Sale – 25% Off Everything at!

Black Friday Sale icon - 25% off at today

Happy Black Friday, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are ready to enjoy the nice, long weekend ahead. If Black Friday shopping is on your agenda, then today is a great day to shop, because everything on our site (including sale merchandise) is 25% off – today only. Happy shopping!

*Discount applies only to orders placed on our website 11/25/11 until midnight PST. This discount offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Discount is applied at an item level. The discount does not apply to shipping and handling charges, taxes, monogramming or gift services fees. Not applicable to previous purchases.

Three easy ways to take a better power nap!

Are Thanksgiving preparations making you drowsy? You’re not alone! With so much going on during the holiday season, it doesn’t take long to feel run down. If you’re craving zzz’s well before the tryptophan kicks in, why not get some speedy shut-eye with a power nap? We all know that power naps are a great way to regain energy, and by sleeping for just 15 minutes, you can feel instantly refreshed.

Sleeping cat by Dr. Hemmert, on Flickr

Sleeping cat by Dr. Hemmert, on Flickr

One key to a proper power nap is to time it correctly. As described on the website Lifehacker, you’re more likely to fall into a deep sleep in the late afternoon, so you’ll wake up feeling even sleepier. To avoid that groggy feeling, try nap in the morning or just after lunch.

Eating the right foods also makes a difference in the quality of your nap. Consuming calcium-rich foods will help you to nod off sooner, as will complex carbohydrates. However, if you really want to have a surge of energy when you wake up, you might want to try a caffeine nap. Right before you go to sleep, drink a cup of coffee (yes, really!). Researchers have found that people who consume coffee just before taking a 15-minute power nap wake up feeling even more energized than those who go caffeine-free. Just be sure that your nap isn’t more than 15 minutes, or you might feel the effects of “sleep inertia,” a.k.a., grogginess.

Finally, make sure that your surroundings are conducive to sleeping. Wear an eye mask or try light blocking curtains to darken the room. Curling up in a cozy blanket or throw is also a good idea, as your body temperature drops while you sleep.

Tell us, are you a fan of power napping? We’d love to hear from you!

A wacky new way to catch zzz’s on the road!

Getting enough sleep while traveling can be one of the trickier aspects of the holiday season. Between flight delays and cramped seating arrangements, it’s tough to have the quality night’s rest we all love (and need!). However, with a bit of planning and a few simple fixes, you’ll be snoozing in no time.

The Alps and the Journey by swimparallel, on Flickr

The Alps and the Journey by swimparallel, on Flickr

One easy way to make yourself more comfortable is with a travel pillow. By bringing your own, you can avoid those questionably clean airplane pillows and have peace of mind. Plus, you’ll have a plusher place to sleep, too! You might also consider bringing along a blanket in one of your favorite fabrics – faux fur, cotton, wool, down alternative, or even cashmere if you tend to get chilly on plane rides.

Although it might seem like a quick fix, resist the urge to grab a nightcap before nodding off on the plane. When consumed at high altitudes, alcohol can actually have a stronger effect. Plus, it can increase jetlag symptoms. Instead, stick to water or decaffeinated tea!

If all else fails, this wacky new product might just do the trick. A cross between a Snuggie and a burqa, it blocks out light and even includes a soft “nose clip” for comfortable breathing. Intrigued? Check out the Snazzy Napper video!

Tell us, how do you make yourself more comfortable while traveling? We’d love to hear your tips!

Thanksgiving made easier: 5 essential tips

With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, we’re starting to think about entertaining our relatives and preparing for a busy (and fun!) day of cooking. Since the preparation process can get a little hectic, we searched the web for ways to make Thanksgiving easier and found a handful of tips we love.

Thanksgiving 2008 by St0rmz, on Flickr

Thanksgiving 2008 by St0rmz, on Flickr

1. Prepare what you can ahead of time. Many desserts can be made the day before, and cranberry sauce can even be made several days in advance. Vegetables can also be prepped prior to Thanksgiving – you might consider washing and chopping them the day before. For more ideas, has several suggestions to make food preparation much easier!

2. Print out your recipes. You can save quite a bit of counter space by making copies of the recipes you’ll be using, instead of having your cookbooks out. The copies can then be taped at eye level to your cabinets, or affixed to your fridge using a magnet. When you’re finished cooking, place your recipes into a binder so they’ll be ready for next year!

3. Have your kids pitch in. These easy turkey napkin rings are fun for even the littlest crafters! Plus, they’ll add a festive accent to your table. What could be better?

4. Take a couple of shortcuts. If you’re strapped for time, don’t stress about making everything from scratch. Real Simple readers recommend taking boxed stuffing or store-bought gravy and adding pizzazz with vegetables or spices. Your guests will never know!

5. Make simple side dishes. Love mashed potatoes but don’t like to peel? Try an easier recipe, like this one in Good Housekeeping, where there’s no peeling necessary. With a few quick substitutions like this, you’ll have much more time to enjoy the day.

Tell us, what’s your tip for a fantastic, stress-free Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear!

It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning – to honor our veterans, and have a contest

On a day that is notable for being November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11 (that’s a lot of elevens!) we don’t want to forget that of course, this is Veteran’s Day.  So we would first like to take a moment and honor our soldiers, both men and women, wherever they may be serving right now, and also all those who’ve come before them!  We most certainly appreciate their service on our behalf and wish all those serving right now, a safe return home to their families!

A Lovely Eleven Morning

A Lovely Eleven Morning

Of course, the fact that the actual date is rather interesting with all those elevenses, made us (well at least the less “youthful” members of our creative crew) remember a highly amusing animated short from the 1970s version of our childhood favorite, Sesame Street – all about the number 11.

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

Tea Time Toile Coin Purse

And while we’re on the topic of elevens – we thought we’d have a little giveaway and offer our fans the chance to win an adorable coin purse, made from fabric we use to create one of our customer favorites, our quilted “Tea Time Toile” bedding. We package our quilted coverlets and pillow shams in similar matching quilted bags, great for storage, gifts and more!

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and simply answer this eleven-related question:  If all you had left in your coin purse was $11, what would you buy?  We’ll give a coin purse to eleven lucky posters with the eleven most creative answers we receive by the end of today!  Best of luck!

Feeling sleepy? Easy tips to keep you energized!

With the end of daylight saving time this weekend, we were delighted to gain an extra hour – and spend it sleeping, of course! While catching more zzz’s is always a good thing, the time change also means that shorter days have arrived. If the decrease in daylight is getting you down, we found a few tips to keep you alert and energized.

Sunlight through Window by Michael S., on Flickr

Sunlight through Window by Michael S., on Flickr

1. Get sunlight early in the day. Michael Decker, Ph.D., an associate professor at Georgia State University and spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises people to “think about getting up, going outside. Getting that bright light in the morning is absolutely key to health and performance and everything that goes with it.” As he explained to The Huffington Post, “when light stimulates a certain part of the brain first thing in the morning, it can make us more vigilant throughout the day and boost moods in the long run.”

2. Practice healthy habits. Eating right and exercising are vital for overall health and well-being. A brisk walk during the day can work wonders in improving your mood; plus, you’ll have a better night’s sleep and will wake up feeling more rested.

3. Talk to your doctor if you’re still feeling blue. Light therapy is often used to treat seasonal affective disorder and can be an effective way to get your sleep cycle back on track.

What are your tips for coping with the time change? We’d love to hear!

Eating Right for Better Sleep

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese by Chefdruck, on Flickr

With the clocks turning back tonight, we were thinking about sleep, and how important it is. Turning the clocks in either direction is notorious for throwing off people’s sleep cycles. Russia even decided to end daylight savings time this year, arguing that it “is harmful for people’s health and triggers stress”.

While different people cope with the time change in different ways, there are things you can do to help yourself get to sleep, like avoiding too much caffeine or alcohol at night. Most people are aware of these common culprits, and how they impact the body’s ability to get to sleep – but did you know that certain foods can also keep you up at night?

We were sad to see some of our favorites on this list of insomnia-inducing foods from Yahoo Health, including aged cheese, which contains, “high levels of the amino acid tyramine” known to keep you up at night. Other common culprits included smoked meats, tomatoes and tomato-based foods, spicy foods, and (sigh) milk chocolate. On the bright side, however, dark chocolate can actually help you sleep, so feel free to indulge in a small piece of heart-healthy dark chocolate!

What else can help you fall (and stay) asleep at night? Well, we found a great article, Foods That Help You Sleep on Dr. Sears’ website, indicating that carbs are the way to go. However, before you reach for that box of cookies, let us add that complex carbohydrates are the key. In other words, while a slice of whole-grain toast slathered with almond butter will ease you off nicely into dreamland, a slice of chocolate cake is more likely to give you a nice sugar jolt, followed by a release of stress hormones that will be anything but relaxing.

What foods help you get to sleep at night? If you have any tips to share, we’d love to hear from you!

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