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5 Tips for a Greener, Healthier Home

April 24, 2011 by

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1. Unplug electronics you’re not using. A study from Berkley University showed that this simple act can help you “save up to 25 percent on electrical bills.”

2. Nix the air freshener. Air fresheners often contain Phthalates, Formaldehyde, and other potentially harmful chemicals. shows how to naturally and safely freshen your home, including the most obvious one: open the windows.

3. Re-purpose it, don’t trash it. We love this article from DIY Life that lists 20 useful things to do with bed sheets that are past their prime.

4. Use a compost bin. Items we often toss into the trash can be instead used to create rich, fertile soil. Learn how to create a compost bin at home with just a plastic trash can and a board.

5. Wash your laundry in cold water. Did you know that “85 to 90 percent of the energy used is for heating the water?” Contrary to popular belief, hot water doesn’t actually get your clothes any cleaner, so there is literally no reason to use it.

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