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Spring is officially here…? so it’s time for cleaning!

March 22, 2011 by

Those of us living in New England thought last Friday was the beginning of spring for real – a glorious, sunny, 68 degree day.  Then Mother Nature cruelly laughed at our naive optimism yesterday with a dose of winter, complete with a dash of snow for good measure. Sigh… Regardless, the vernal equinox on Sunday did mark the official start of spring, ergo, it is now time for the highly anticipated annual spring cleaning!

We here at Cuddledown are also in the midst of our own spring cleaning with a big warehouse move (to a building right next door). Our warehouse manager, Pete, affectionately known in times such as these, as “Grumpy Pete,” hopes not to have to move everything (imagine cleaning out your linen closet – times 500!) To help Pete clear out shelves in the warehouse and make room for new inventory, we are having a massive clearance sale with apparel, sleepwear and bedding, up to 70% – 75% off!

To freshen up your own bedroom for spring, our website has a few cleaning tips such as how to better organize your linens and how to fold a fitted sheet.

Virtually no one enjoys spring cleaning, but we all are really looking forward to spring – daffodils… butterflies…robins… Red Sox baseball… !  What do you love best about Spring – we’d love to hear from you – just post below!


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