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March 3, 2011 by

Art is in the eye of the beholder, and as our designs become an integral part of your living space, we take great pains to source a variety of unique and attractive artwork for our bedding. Some of our best-selling, exclusive designs are inspired by the renowned archive of Greek-American textile collector and connoisseur Dimitrios Apostolou.

Dimitrios, a former officer in the Greek Royal Navy, built a textile collection of over four million documents, and his offices in the heart of the fashion district across from Macy’s in mid-town Manhattan, are overflowing with antique and decorative textiles and artwork. From exquisite ancient Japanese silk kimonos to mid-century American prints, his pieces have been acquired from private collectors and archives or through auctions.

Our intrepid Art Director/Photographer turned videographer, Eric Graffam, accompanied our Vice President of Merchandise, Norma Wilkins-Gross, on a visit to Dimitrios’ studios to film him sharing some of his favorite pieces in his vast collection. Having never been there before, Eric was amazed to see such museum-quality pieces as a pre-Columbian ceremonial piece from 1100 B.C., discovered in the high peaks of Peru, as well as Marie Antoinette’s bedding. Dimitrios told Eric that he finds the collection addictive. When his employees, who travel throughout Europe on business, let him know there’s a treasure he would be interested in, Dimitrios said he’ll go check it out any time, “If it’s special …I just have to have it!”

Dimitrios has sold or rented designs to leading international designers and stylists in the fashion and home industry for 40 years. His staff can provide a client with an extensive selection of designs, from virtually any time period. “I think we can please anybody who needs to use designs for expression,” he said. For some of his more special pieces, if a customer insists, Dimitrios may rent it with an exclusivity clause, and then after five years, when they are finished, he says he either donates it to a museum or keeps it for his own pleasure, as he said, “I’m allowed to!”

Some of Cuddledown’s all-time favorite designs have come from Dimitrios’ archival treasure trove, including Tea Time Toile, Sonomi, Water Lilies, Sakura, and Lily Pad, some of which date back to the 1700s.  You could perhaps someday be sleeping on sheets inspired by Marie Antoinette’s own bedding… it’s enough to make you lose your head!


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