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Stephen Colbert Inspired Bedding!

January 20, 2011 by

Stephen Colbert and ComaCozyNow this is one bedding product we hadn’t thought of! You’ve heard of the “Snuggie” and apparently there’s something called a “Slanket” (really?? … guess I was behind the times… was still stuck on the Snuggie…) but comedian Stephen Colbert has one-upped both of them with his contribution to the swaddling craze – the “Coma Cozy.”

As he says in this video clip, “Let’s face it, the Snuggie and the Slanket were just too much work!” he proclaims, adding, “You had to put on a pair of pants underneath them. Who has that kind of energy?” His new invention is, “a fleece sack that you just climb into and zip up effort-free cocoon living.” Unlike a blanket, he notes, “if you pass away inside it, and someone notices, it can just be dragged to the curbside.” Oh, Stephen Colbert, what will you think of next? And what do you think of his idea, or actually, any of these products? Ridiculous, crazy, or perhaps some merit? ;0

Here at Cuddledown, we do have some fabulous blankets, which are great for cuddling up in! By the way, one of our customer favorites, the deliciously soft 5-star rated European Cotton Fleece Blanket is now on sale! But what do you think – should Cuddledown create our own version of a personal warming cozy? Let us know!

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