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In Loyal Defense of the Down Comforter

January 12, 2011 by

Temperature Regulating ComforterAs comforter loyalists, we’d like to take the opportunity to respond to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal  bad-mouthing down comforters!  We are enjoying the responses to the article from many comforter-lovers, and of course, we here at Cuddledown will most rigorously defend the light, fluffy warmth of a down comforter.

First, we feel that we should point out that the definition of a duvet given in the article was not 100% accurate; “Enter the down feather comforter which sometimes goes by the name Duvet (technically, the French word means a comforter cover).”

In fact, the word “duvet” encompasses both cover and filling:
duvet (duvets plural ): A duvet is a large cover filled with feathers or similar material which you put over yourself in bed instead of a sheet and blankets.
a warm cover for your bed, consisting of a large cloth bag filled with feathers or a soft material. The usual American word is comforter.

Next, we would like to counter the negative statements made about duvets/comforters being 1) Too hot:  At Cuddledown, you can find down or synthetic comforters in a myriad of styles and warmth levels – from the warmest level 4 to a summer level which is for just that, the summertime (and that’s not summer in Artics)! And we even have a temperature-regulating comforter! 2) Too messy/unattractive:  We offer a wide variety of gorgeous duvet covers in rich solid colors and patterns, both vibrant or subtle, and in fabrics from smooth sateens to heavenly, lightweight batiste – and they have interior ties so your comforter will stay put 3) Too lumpy and the fill ends up at the bottom: Our Cuddledown comforters have box-stitching so the down will not shift, and the down is soft and fluffy – not in the least “lumpy”. 4) Too “smelly”: We believe the author of this article may have purchased an inferior comforter, or else was not properly instructed on how to care for it. Our high quality down is cleansed thoroughly which is not the case for many big box retailer products. If you use a protector and/or duvet cover, you should need only air out your comforter or wash it infrequently. And if you follow instructions and dry it thoroughly, it should never smell anything other than fresh and delightful!

So in summation – down (or synthetic) comforters are not only comfortable (hence the name), and can be found in any warmth level to suit your needs, but they are also attractive and can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom!

That being said – if you’re in a warm climate, or if your taste runs to a sleeker bed, our selection of soft, warm blankets, bedspreads, and coverlets such as our ever-popular 100% Cotton Diamond Pique Coverlet offer the perfect alternative.

So where do you stand?   Down duvet defender, or Bedspread+blanket booster?

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