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Bed Bugs: Where?

December 22, 2010 by

Part 5 of the Why, Who, How, When and Where series on Bed Bugs

WHERE are they? 

Bed bugs are found most often in sheets and bedding as they typically feed at nighttime when people are asleep. However, they can also be found behind pictures and in cracks in the wall. They can be found behind loose wallpaper, in wood furniture, base boards, in electrical outlets, and in drapery pleats and hems. Other favorite hideouts are underneath the edges of carpets, where ceilings and walls meet, and inside appliances. Apart from the actual creatures themselves, tell-tale signs of Bed Bugs include blood spots, specks of excrement, discarded skins, and, of course, bites. 

Bed Bugs are attracted by both warmth and the carbon dioxide we exhale while breathing. There are often a cluster of bites caused by disturbing the bugs while they feed, causing them to detach and reattach to continue feeding. A well fed Bed Bug can live anywhere from four to six months, while a dormant one might live without feeding for up to 18 months.  They will feed for about five minutes before returning to their hiding places. 

The bites can be found just about anywhere on your body, with exposed bits of skin being the preferred feeding ground for the bugs which makes your face as much a target as your arms and legs. The bites cannot be felt at first because the little critters inject anti-coagulants and anesthetics as they feed, but as the anesthetics wear off and the skin begins to react to the injections, the bites can make themselves felt minutes or even hours after the bugs have returned to their hiding places. 

Some people may actually be allergic to Bed Bugs and the degree of itching is determined by how allergic a person is.  If you notice any signs of infection, call your physician.  Scratching the bites can also result in an infection.  If you do not get an infection, the bites are simply an irritating nuisance. It may take a few weeks for the itching to subside and for the welts to disappear.  I am happy to report that, unlike mosquitoes and ticks, Bed Bugs do not carry pathogens.  So I guess there is some good news?

Lastly, we look forward to hearing from you.  We hope you will add any words of wisdom you may have or just tell us your Bed Bug stories in the comments below.  Don’t hesitate to give Cuddledown a call at 800-323-6793 if you have additional questions.  Our staff experts are here to help, and if we don’t have an answer for you we will find it and get back to you.

Sleep tight! Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!

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