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Wee Scottie Dogs star in a blog and on our bedding and PJs!

Don’t you just love those cute little Scottish Terriers? We were pleased to hear from Stuart, a Scottie, and the author of this great blog, The Scottie Chronicles, devoted to the wee Lads and Lassies. Check it out!

And if you are a Scottie Dog fan (or any dog lover, or for that matter, any fan of cozy, warm flannel), we’ve got some comfy Scotty Dog flannel PJs and terrific Cuddledown Scotty Dog flannel bedding – perfect for those chilly nights!

Thanks Stuart for the shout out!

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One snob is talking about this post

  1. OH! There I am! Right on your blog!

    Thanks for the post about me. The wee Scottie.

    And thanks for the great Scottie stuff! I just love Scottie things and you have some really good ones.

    You also have a great video about bed bugs. Now, as a pooch, I’m pretty familiar with bugs, being so close to the ground and everything, but I’ll tell you that bed bugs are NOT my friends.

    So thanks for showing us all how to look for them and keep them away from us.

    I know I’m a dog and all, but really, BED BUGS??

    ROO ROO! Stuart

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