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The Leaves are Coming! The Leaves are Coming!

September 30, 2010 by

There is no place on earth as breathtakingly beautiful as Maine in the fall.  I grew up in southern California.  I had never seen seasons until my first post-college job took me east.  I had no idea what I was missing until I was dating this adorable man (now my husband lo’ these 24 years) who drove me up the coast to see “the leaves.”  Oh my!  I was enthralled and for 7 hours pressed my nose against the car window.  At one point he even gave into my naive request to pull over and let me collect some.  I didn’t realize, at the time, that the leaves didn’t stay that color forever.  I even made a colorful wreath with the leaves I collected only to have it turn brown and brittle within days.

The turning of the leaves is an annual event that cannot be saved or preserved or truly captured in a picture.  It has to be experienced.  Since the course of my life has kept me in New England for the last few decades it is an experience that I now look forward to every year.  As much as we wait for summer warmth after our long and dreary winter (a season I also enjoy very much), fall is my favorite.  Talk about distracted driving!  It’s the bright red, orange, and yellow that appears one day, out of nowhere, that distracts me.  Maine has a no-billboard law so it’s nothing but a scenic drive up, down, and through the state.  I encourage everyone to experience it at least once.  Once you have…once will not be enough!

Aside from leaf peeping, Maine has multitudes of other attractions for our visitors in the fall.  There’s my favorite fair, the Common Ground Fair, or some of the most challenging and scenic golf courses in the United States like at the Belgrade Lakes Golf Club.  I also recommend the Apple Festival in Rangeley Lakes or Acadia’s Oktoberfest on Mount Desert Island.  The leisurely visitor will enjoy antiquing and/or visiting some of Maine’s more than 60 lighthouses.

Of course, Maine is the best shopping destination in the country.  Freeport is the home of most nationally known outlets/retailers and many of Maine’s own artists; all set in a lovely, New England town on our rocky coast just 20 minutes from downtown Portland.  You really cannot visit Freeport without visiting the brand new location of the Cuddledown Outlet Store.  The Columbus Day weekend sale is right around the corner!  I ask you, is there any better reason to visit Maine in the fall??  I think not!  There is no better way to welcome the change of season.  Visit Maine, see the leaves, and get all of your holiday shopping done.  What a perfect way to snuggle into winter!

I could go on and on.  Isn’t it lovely that after living here so long, I still think it’s a timeless and stunning  place with charming and welcoming people?  I admit the overall climate does not suit everyone, but I certainly believe that everyone should want to visit; just not in January…wait…unless you want to go skiing!  Maine has great skiing…but that’s for a winter blog 🙂

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  • Reply writergrl October 1, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Gorgeous photo, and agree completely that fall in New England is not to be missed!

  • Reply stephen October 1, 2010 at 11:38 am

    my sister is a teacher in florida, and her students didn’t believe her when she told them about the leaves changing color, until my father sent her an envelope full of them. even then, it took some convincing to get them to believe they were real. we are truly blessed here in new england!

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