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There’s Something about YOUR Bed…

September 17, 2010 by

What is it about your OWN bed?  After all the summer travels; visiting friends, going to reunions, visiting colleges, and staying in hotels, its just so wonderful to be back in my own cozy bed.  My pillow’s not lumpy, my sheets aren’t scratchy, and my bed isn’t concave in the middle.  Really…why put all the reject bedding on the guest bed?  I’m thinking it’s time, before the guests arrive for the holidays and before I get too heavily into the Christmas season, that I upgrade the guest bed.  Maybe it’ll start a trend.  My guests are so enamored with my guest bed that they are motivated to upgrade theirs.  Thus, my visit to their house next year will be ever so much more restful!  My silk sheets will start a chain reaction of silk sheets all over the country!  

~ Visualize this thing you want.  See it, feel it, believe in it.  Make your mental blueprint and begin ~  Robert Collier

  I can dream…mostly because I’m in my own bed!   My pillow isn’t lumpy…it’s just all soft and perfect. 

Here’s a hot tip for a cooler night.  I have an electric mattress pad.  I crank that baby up while I’m brushing my teeth and when I climb under my comforter it’s already toasty…a no-shiver zone of perfection!  Then, I turn off the mattress pad and voila! Perfect…yep…my own, warm, soft, cuddly bed.  It almost makes saying goodbye to summer and the return of the school year and routine A.O.K.!

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