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Battle of the bedbugs!

August 3, 2010 by


Tiny appleseed-sized insects which hide in your bed and come out at night to bite, or destroyers of all that is good and clean in this world? The latest coverage of the rapidly spreading infestation was on NPR last week.

They’re showing up across the nation, in hotels, retail stores, schools, and homes. Pest control companies are overwhelmed in some areas, and as the “capitol of bedbugs,” NYC recently announced a battle plan to combat them and educate the public. As revolting as they are (bedbugs make you itch, causing mosquito bite-like welts, and are not easy to eradicate) at least they don’t spread diseases like ticks or cockroaches – small comfort indeed.

As your friendly bedding purveyor, Cuddledown will help you shield your bed from these nasty little bugs (and their equally repulsive friends, the microscopic dust mites) with a variety of bedding protectors

And if by now, you are completely grossed out and ready throw out your mattress to sleep on a sterile autoclaved floor – you just may want to kick back and relax to a great salsa song by the Squirrel Nut Zippers featured in NPR’s article called… wait for it… Bedbugs!

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