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Let your fingers do the time telling

November 20, 2009 by

Melting ClockI’ll be up front: while I’m easily distracted by shiny, new gadgetry, I am – at heart – mostly a luddite.  I don’t have cable – nevermind DVR, my cell phone doesn’t have a camera (in fact, most of my phone talking is done on a landline), & I’ve never sent a text message.  And as far as clocks go, I prefer analog over digital (though I do have a soft spot for digital clocks that include sound-spas; I do like my white noise).  But there’s something science-fictionally-appealing about Florian Scharfer’s Melted Clock, spotted at Unplggd.  And let’s face it, it’d be pretty sweet to only have to wake up enough to just touch the clock face to decide whether or not you even need to open your eyes & start the day.

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