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Snobbish Thoughts November 2009

Time to kick back & relax. For a moment.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.” Sidney J. Harris

Thanksgiving is over (phew!), Black Friday is barely behind us (still recovering!) and yes, the Ho-Ho-Ho Holidays are still to come. Which is why, Dear Snobs, I propose we all take the weekend off, put our feet up, watch old movies or football or cartoons, and get some fabulous sleep in our always-fabulous beds.

Stay tuned as we get geared up for December.

The Guestest with the Bestest

Holiday houseguests are right around the corner—are you ready? Making your friends and family feel at home doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, cooking for days and decorating to the nines. The most comfortable accommodations are often the most simple—a vase of fresh flowers, miniature soaps and toiletries, and a plush warm bed. As innkeeper Maureen Haddad says in a recent Star-Ledger holiday décor feature, “Bedding is very important—the mattress and the sheets and the comforter.” The best thing about bedding is that it can transform the most basic space. Pullout beds in small apartments have the potential of a five-star hotel—all you need is a Multi-Zone Foam Mattress Topper and the cuddly coziness of a Primary Down Comforter. Finish the bed with a couple of European Goose Down pillows or synthetic pillows, and you’ll have your guests making their reservations again for next year.

Let your fingers do the time telling

Melting ClockI’ll be up front: while I’m easily distracted by shiny, new gadgetry, I am – at heart – mostly a luddite.  I don’t have cable – nevermind DVR, my cell phone doesn’t have a camera (in fact, most of my phone talking is done on a landline), & I’ve never sent a text message.  And as far as clocks go, I prefer analog over digital (though I do have a soft spot for digital clocks that include sound-spas; I do like my white noise).  But there’s something science-fictionally-appealing about Florian Scharfer’s Melted Clock, spotted at Unplggd.  And let’s face it, it’d be pretty sweet to only have to wake up enough to just touch the clock face to decide whether or not you even need to open your eyes & start the day.

Vitamin Zzz

I admit, I shamelessly stole the above title from this article about sleep & how it helps protect you from the flu. But the article offers more than just a pithy headline.  Take a quick peek & then feel good about sleeping in.  Just tell your boss that you’re lateness is simply a method of preventative care.  (And maybe someone could speak to my toddler about the many, many benefits of a good night’s sleep.)

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