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Photo credit: yomi955

Photo credit: yomi955

We’re in the midst of an internal debate here at Cuddledown, regarding semantics, and we’re wondering if you’d help us out.  What do you call the down/feather/synthetic-filled pouf that one puts on one’s bed to sleep under?  Is it a comforter or duvet?  Is there a reason you prefer one word over the other?  What about the decorative case that goes over said pouf – is it a comforter cover or duvet cover?  Does one sound more upscale than the other?

Your input is appreciated – the controversy is building!

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  1. Here in Australia, we also use the word Doona to describe the quilt.

  2. I always thought a duvet was what covered the comforter. The duvet’s purpose is to keep the comforter clean.

  3. Comforter is the big “fluffy” piece, and the Duvet is the cover. Some comforters are already covered permanently with a decorative fabric. Some are just plain, and require a cover (the Duvet), which is easily removed for washing (it closes with buttons, ties, zipper, or big foldover). FYI

  4. For me, it’s a comforter. But but the cover is a duvet or duvet cover (one in the same to me). So, I guess I’m totally confused now.

  5. i vote comforter & comforter cover!… it’s so much more comforting, phonetic, and branded! =)

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