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A Tale of Two Kings

May 9, 2009 by

King of HeartsThe usual selection of mattress (& bedding) sizes often reads to me like a recitation of the vowels: A, E, I, O, U, & sometimes Y.  Where California King equals the “sometimes Y.”  Figuring out the basic differences between Twin, Full, Queen, & King isn’t rocket science – the next is bigger than the one before it, right?  Except that logic doesn’t quite hold when you pit the “regular” King (also known as the Eastern King) against its western cousin.  Given that Cal King typically comes at the very end of the mattress size spectrum (aside from the mondo specialty sized Grand King), it’s easy to assume that it would trump the Eastern King in size.  This is only half true.  The Cal King comes in at an impressive 84 inches long – 4 inches longer than an Eastern King – making it the perfect choice for taller individuals, especially people over 6 feet.  However, this extra length comes at a price.  The Cal King is “only” 72 inches wide – 4 to 6 inches narrower than an Eastern King which measures between 76 & 78 inches wide.  The Eastern King provides couples with the most individual sleeping space, equivalent to two extra long twin beds pushed together.  But for taller people, it might be worth the sacrifice on width to have a bed that allows one to stretch out comfortably.  But really, either way you cut it, it’s good to be the king.

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